About Brooke Lisa’s Assistant

brookeBrooke is the first person you will probably talk to during the day if you Call That Girl. Currently she helps with answering calls, booking appointments and is in constant contact with Lisa during the work day. She does many technical assisting jobs for CTG, including research, marketing and is in training to be an Outlook Junior Tech. And just a tip, if you even think about talking to Brooke about pets…she will threaten to come your house and want to adopt every single one of yours.

Animal lover and activist.

More about Brooke…

Brooke Meyering has been studying computer sciences since 2009. While in high school, she obtained an award for highest performance and achievement in technology. During college, she participated on the cyber defense team for two years and went to state-level competition with her team both times. The time spent on the cyber defense team has broadened her understanding of the many different areas of computer sciences, to include heightening her understanding of computer and cyber security. Brooke obtained her foundations of technology certificate in May 2014. One of her goals includes finishing her cyber security and networking associates degree, and then plans on obtaining a degree in IT specialization and office administration.