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If you are a one person shop or a small business looking to get into remote support, wanting to learn new marketing tactics or are in need of a manual of operations, Lisa’s 3 eBooks will steer you and your business in the direction for growth.

These eBooks teach you to how to do it with step by step instructions, examples and stories from the field. Lisa is an industry leader with over 19 years of computer support under her belt and 7 years of using social media successfully to market her business.

Lisa has built a successful national remote support and repair business with the tools detailed in these eBooks; check them out so you can learn from an industry leader and run a profitable computer repair business, too! Her most popular eBook, The Guide to Remote Support is in it’s


3rd edition packed with 92 pages of current learning opportunities to help your business soar with the cloud.

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Call That Girl's Full Set of eBooks
Call That Girl's Guide Full Set of eBooks--Best Value, get all the eBooks for just $10 extra! This purchase is for the Remote Support eBook and the bonus eBook, "Call That Girl's Guide to Microsoft Exchange from pop/IMAP", includes free access to Remote Rockstars, it also includes Call That Girl’s Social Media Guide and Call That Girl’s Manual of Operations
Price: $59.00
Price: $39.00