Welcome to Call That Girl’s Outlook and Office 365 Helpdesk FAQ and sign up page. I do these “quick questions” for free to my prepay clients, now I am offering for $10 a month an easy answer for you folks that maybe don’t need a full hour to get one question answered.


Even one question will pay for itself and might save you an hours of frustration! 

Here’s how it works:

You have a quick question.

  • Maybe you want to do something and need to know how or just can’t find an answer in Google
  • Or you have an issue you’ve been trying to fix and need a quick answer, I have those “quick question answers”
  • If I don’t have those quick questions, I should be able to find you another resource or another expert to help

Benefits of the subscription

  • 20% discount on a 1 hour call if you need me to remote in and assist
  • Outlook Training Videos included
  • Updates for major outages, bad Microsoft updates or something I find to be an issue for many folks. I will email the folks on the list so they are aware early on. I pay attention online to issues, follow many others online and watch for such things. Also I learn about issues early from clients who call in.
  • I am very fast with email unless I’m helping a client. I will get to my helpdesk folks as quickly as possible.
  • I manage expectations very well. If I don’t know and answer, I will let you know that and see how we can work on finding a resolution. Which might come from another resource or expert. I have a long list of experts in my referral circles.

I’m sure there is more to add later, but this is enough to get going. I look forward to helping! I will get your information in the Paypal sign up and add you to my list, thanks again! Support small business!

Here are the details

  • All questions about Outlook and Office 365 answered via email or Facebook chat
  • No phone discussions of your issues and no remote support
  • $10 per month paid via PayPal
  • No long term commitment, no contracts
  • Technicians can purchase for their MSP and other employees to use. I do reserve the right to watch usage and might ask you to purchase another package if you have many questions on a constant basis
  • This is a subscription service, you can opt out at any time, but if you stop your subscription and need help in a few months, then I will invoice you for the past months you didn’t pay. You’re all in or all out! 🙂 You are always free to book a regular appointment as well for $139 an hour or purchase a prepay ticket that allows phone and remote support
  • I also reserve the right to cancel a subscription at the end of the month for any reason
  •  This plan is not to be used for walking you through extensive Outlook repairs, those questions will be moved to a paid appointment.