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Welcome to the Outlook and Office 365 Resource Guide. Many of us are out looking for as many resources as we can to learn and support our clients. Hopefully this guide will help you and your company.

Bookmark this page, I will update as needed

  • General Use for break/fix and MSP Technicians. Consider this a buffet of everything I know. Email me if you have information to add or if something needs editing Email Call That Girl

  • I created this because I was finding that having one place to have all the resources for help was needed. I also wanted to share with you, the technician who is out there fighting the good fight. Outlook and Office 365 changes almost daily. What used to work one day, will break the next day and then what? Microsoft doesn’t send out a “here’s what broke today” link, you have to go find it. I’m hoping with this guide and the help of the communities and forums I participate in, we can all help each other.


  • Fixes I come upon that are widespread will be in a box at the top of this page, directing you to the blog I have about it.

  • This guide was not intended to be for sale, it is a free resource. Feel free to share on other communities and forums you feel that will gain value from it.

  • Some links might have an affiliate sale, some won’t. Don’t blame a girl for wanting a commission.

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More Online Resources

My Favorite Tools

In the past years, I used to love Stellar. Now I have changed my mind after their software became difficult to work with. I have found the following tools easier to work with and I added a few notes.

Outlook PC Repairs Kernel Data Recovery https://www.kerneldatarecovery.com

  • Keep this in mind…the evaluation version is free, good thing so you can check the integrity of the data. If it works, you can buy it and then download and install and run again. It’s sad you have to do that, but that’s common I am finding with these programs. Stellar started to fail me when their “free download” would get all mucked up with the registration and Windows 10 issues. I was spending way too much time on the software and not recovery!

Mac Outlook 2011 & 2016 Repairs http://www.olk14messagerecovery.com

  • So far only have used them on one job, but this company has rock star support!

Nirsoft http://www.nirsoft.net

  • This site has some nifty little utilities. I use the NK2 Edit if my efforts fail on doing autocomplete by hand

Technical Resources/Other Experts

One thing I have found is that my clients will ask me anything. And I’m sorry, I don’t do everything. So when a client needs help outside of my scope, I have no problem having them work with another expert. Some folks I have commission setup and some I don’t. I’m really just happy having the referrals. Here is my list.

SharePoint Expert

  • Robert Crane http://www.ciaops.com

  • Robert offers almost too much free information on his website, all about SharePoint. Plenty of learning tools, you can also refer clients to him and he does pay a commission. Sometimes clients want more than you want to learn.

Professional Outlook Trainer

  • Laura Leist provides remote and onsite training for Outlook, OneNote and Business Contact Manager.  She does large scale training in addition to one-on-on training.

OneNote Expert

Business Contact Manager Experts (BCM)

Exchange Expert

PowerShell Tech Help

Outlook Experts (outside of me) for Custom Forms, Development, Programming, etc.

  • Paul Wright, owner of www.outlookexpert.com

  • Paul and I partner on jobs, I handle the desktop requests that they get and I send them all the custom Outlook requests I get.

Word & Access Experts

Excel Experts




  • AppRiver, Office 365, Exchange, SecureTide (spam filter) and Encryption

    • If you click on the link above, use my partner code: # 100374

    • After you have services setup, they are offering new clients $100 off your first invoice. I also get a referral credit so it’s a win win for both of us.

  • BitTitan, MigrationWiz, Deployment Pro and MSP Complete

  • Harmon.ie SharePoint Desktop Syncing Tool for Online SP and Outlook 

  • Spanning.com Office 365 and Google Apps Backup

Books to read

Office 365 Exchange Migration Forms I Use For My Business (Feel free to copy/use)


My Office 365 Sales Video

  • I created some short learning videos about all the Office 365 products. Techs who are new to Office 365 should learn a few things. These were intended for clients to learn more and then call me for paid consulting jobs. I do require a sign up for this, if you are a tech, there is an option for you to select. Office 365 Information for Small Business

Hire me

  • You can hire me to assist your clients for a commission of 15%. I can also assist technicians on jobs they are currently working on and are stumped. 

  • Email Call That Girl

Outlook Training Videos

  • I sell an Outlook Training Video set. These were intended for end users, but I have found that technicians need a refresh. Especially if you have been only using 2010 and beyond. My videos were created in 9 short (avg time 9 min) videos and were created with Outlook 2013 and applicable for 2016. Buy now and receive a 50% discount with code “resource”

  • Buy Now www.outlooktraining.biz 

(Coming Soon) Outlook Training for Technicians

  • Once all my surveys are completed, I will be in touch to let you know what type of training I will have. Webinar, Recorded small videos or an eBook. More than likely it will be a webinar that I record. I am also looking at 3 courses for technicians, Outlook, Advanced Outlook and Office 365. All will be power packed with learning in 1.5 hours of time.

(Coming Soon) Tech to tech Outlook Support

  • Due to the high demand of technicians wanting to learn Outlook, soon I will have Outlook Training Videos for Technicians as well as a discount for “expert help” from me, Lisa. I am not sure if I will do a per fix fee (lower than my usual rates) or a monthly subscription, this is coming soon though.

(Coming Soon) Computer Business Breakthrough Course

  • Matthew Rodela and I worked on a an awesome video training course over the summer. We started out wanting to help techs “niche out” of their break/fix but what we found during the recording was that this training course was not only great for niching out but for a refresh of your business or a good butt kick. We have over 40 videos and 8 guest videos full of information. Coming soon!

Want information added? Email me!

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