Pricing & Expectations

Most Outlook troubleshooting jobs are over an hour, so please keep this in mind for your budget.  If we go over the 2 hours, you can upgrade to the discounted 4 hour ticket to save you money. If your job is under 30 minutes, I offer a 30 min credit for the next time you call.


Monday -Friday 9-5 pacific time billable $139* an hour

*Some requests might be quoted at a higher rate depending on the work to be done

Emergency Rates

If you need early morning or after 5:00 pacific time help or after hours on weekends, you will be quoted an hourly rate higher than $139, depending on the work needing to be done. 

Prepay Ticket Options

  • 4 hour ticket $499

  • 8 hour ticket $899

Most folks who call me for the first time usually have a lot of work that needs to be done, a typical first call is one to two hours. You might find yourself down the road with a small Outlook issue, one that might only take me 15-30 min to fix. Please let Lisa know prior to the appointment if you are interested in the support ticket option so we can upgrade your invoice prior to the appointment.


  • These tickets allow you to only use what you need. I only track time used

  • Special scheduling link to bypass forms, credit card

  • Early AM emergency assistance

  • Email questions are free

  • Email forwards to check on spam/phishing/etc are free

  • These tickets do not expire

  • Anyone in the company may use them

  • You may gift time to others


When are you out searching for an Outlook Expert or Consultant, this probably means you have exhausted all the means you have available: Your own repairs, Googling, friends helping, your IT company, calling Apple and Microsoft, etc. Calling in for expert help not only means getting the job completed, but expecting a higher level of service. I manage the expectations for my clients on what to expect during a call and have fair billing practices.

There are simple quick fixes and there are more in depth complex fixes. If you have a lot of issues, expect a quote of 2 hours or more.  Some examples of challenging repairs are Gmail and IMAP syncing, iCloud, older versions of Outlook, Macintosh, Data recovery and Search/Indexing repairs (this one might be many days up to a week). You might also have a 2 part appointment as sometimes downloading or moving email can take time. I do not bill for time I am not working on your computer. If you seem to have Outlook issues often due to managing many email accounts, different platforms, multiple devices and computers and/or have a team you support, you should consider the prepay ticket (see below).

To schedule an appointment, please use my booking form below. I look forward to helping!