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iCloud isnt synchronizing with Outlook

| October 23, 2014

icloudHere you go folks, if you are having issues with your iCloud not synchronizing with Outlook, check out my video to learn how to turn it back on. It probably just got shut off. If this does not fix your problem, contact me today and I can help.



Cryptolocker Removal Minneapolis Minnesota

| October 23, 2014

cryptolockerIf you are out Googling for help on removing the Cryptolocker virus or any of the variants, , we can help. Our onsite tech is knowledgeable on removing the virus from your computer. We might be able to also decrypt your files. This is always a gray area, but we try our best.

The image to the right is an example of what Cryptolocker can look like after you’ve been infected.

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Gmail Outlook 2013 Constantly Synchronizing

| October 21, 2014

I often get clients who call in because their Gmail or AOL when using Outlook 2013 shows constant “Inbox synchronizing” issues (usually at the bottom of their Outlook) and their email is sluggish, not working right and overall bothersome!

When I remote in, the first thing I check is how many emails are in the inbox. I have found a threshold for Gmail is around 20,000 emails in the inbox. After this amount, Outlook starts to act funny.

My video below shows you 2 things to check and how to not synchronize all of your folders in AOL and Gmail while using Outlook.

If you need help moving email, I can help. If you need help with this repair, I can help.



How to share your Exchange calendar with others

| October 20, 2014