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Pro’s and Con’s about Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint For Business

| May 4, 2016 | 0 Comments

sharepoint expertI’m a Microsoft Outlook Expert and Microsoft Office 365 Consultant…I get calls often about Microsoft SharePoint.

If you thinking about adding SharePoint to your company’s sharing and management of files, this information is for you! I created a podcast that discusses the pro’s and con’s. Larger businesses may already have SharePoint in place, but what about the small businesses?

Learn about it here, listen to my podcast.

Want to synchronize your SharePoint with your computer? Check out my blog here


Warning about Repairing Office 365 It Could Uninstall and Remove All Your Outlook Profiles

| May 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

warningWarning about Repairing Office 365. It Could Uninstall and Remove All Your Outlook Profiles. Just a warning here folks….if your Outlook or other Office Product is causing you issues…then most of us like to repair Office if that is the only choice. For Outlook, I usually don’t have to do that, but with the latest Outlook 2016 being buggy, I have no choice.

Outlook 2016 is probably the worst version of Outlook out there. Office 2016 has shown some bugs with Excel, but other than that…I don’t get many calls in about Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Outlook 2016 though, way too many problems. Microsoft should take it off the installs option until it’s been debugged in my opinion.

Anyway, the point of this blog is the problems that have come up. If you need to repair Office 2016, then doing so…used to work. I would reboot and things were great. Now in the past week, I have found that if you repair it, it completely uninstalls Office 2016 and the profiles created in 2016! (this is in the past week only btw) Outlook 2013 has it’s own profiles (that work with Outlook 2010 and beyond). After this repair, you might be left with no profiles (and possibly data gone if you had an OST file/IMAP setup) and have to literally start over and reinstall/setup outlook. I have seen OST files completely delete themselves after you delete a profile…this is not normal.

My last client with this issue, thank goodness had an Outlook 2013 profile and all of her data and settings were there, because she had upgraded to Outlook 2016. She also had to call Microsoft and they told her that she should not have repaired the Office 365. I did that repair because she was getting too many errors codes! The tech at Microsoft said to use other tools to repair the Office 365, this makes no sense to me. I also just had a tech buddy in a tech Facebook group confirm the same thing. His “repair” uninstalled Office 365.

My other client had done something…he upgraded his Outlook 2016 because the upgrade button was flashing at him. He did that and had problems for a week connecting to Exchange, he dealt with it until one day his Outlook would not open. I remoted in and found that the upgrade was shot, tried to repair and yep, it was uninstalled! Luckily I had his Microsoft Store account and downgraded him to Outlook 2013 asap and then….had to recreate a new profile and do all that work. It was a 1 hour job for me…for others who don’t know what I know? I have no idea how long it would take you or someone not experienced.

I can help if you need me, I do my best but sometimes do have clients call Microsoft because you paid them for this software. I try to have clients call me back after it’s fixed and I can do my fine tuning and optimizing, etc.



How to Synch SharePoint with Windows 10

| May 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

How to Synchronize SharePoint with Windows 10, in a simple way, or should be.

Hi everyone, I found a simple way to synchronize SharePoint with Windows 10. Below are instructions.

First, log into your Office 365 account, in Internet Explorer and click the box “Keep me signed in” Reminder, this only will work if you do these instructions in Internet Explorer.

Once logged in, go to the upper left box and click on that, find “Sites” and then click on “team sites”.

how to synchronize sharepoint with windows 10












In that window, you can find the directory you want to sync. Mine is “Documents”

Click on your folder you want to sync, then “library”

how to synchronize sharepoint with windows10


















Now click on “Open with Explorer”. A window will pop up. In that window, right click on the Quick Access button and select “Pin current folder…”

Now that folder will act as a mapped drive and should stay put.

If you find you have issues, you might need to add the Sharepoint site to your trusted site in Internet Options.

I hope that helps! If you need help, please contact me below.

SOLVED Outlook 2016 stuck on processing

| May 2, 2016 | 0 Comments

Outlook 2013 is stuck at the loading profile screenOutlook 2016 stuck on processing is a common problem with Outlook 2016 and with Windows 10. More commonly with Windows 10, but I have seen it happen with Windows 7. I am a Microsoft Outlook Expert and get these calls often. My last client clicked on the “Upgrade” button (from 2013 to 2016) and that did it for him.

You can google and find many repairs and fixes on Microsoft forums, but here is the easiest way to fix this because you will probably have this issue again. I know the program and what works and what doesn’t. I know you are out looking for a simple answer, this is not a simple answer I’m afraid. It took me about an hour to fix and I know what I’m doing. Time is money, so I don’t mess around with repairs.

Downgrade your Office 2016 to Outlook 2013. It will not remember your profile or old settings (might but doubtful), so be sure you have all of your email settings, account information and passwords ready. Backup your data too if you haven’t in awhile, just in case. Your PST files will still be there, you can add them back in after you have a new profile setup.

The reason I say downgrade is because I have tried repairing Office 2016 and I have found it to completely uninstall Office. I have tried the repairs Microsoft says to do, the FixIt tool and manual, not all work and to me it’s a waste of time trying to fix Outlook 2016 when it’s just not stable enough. Downgrading is stable! Outlook 2013 has been debugged now enough and I still use it myself due to issues I had in the past. Time is money for me and I don’t have time to mess around with “trying” things that might never work or break again.

If you don’t know how to downgrade, you can contact Microsoft and they will help you for free. I can help you but I do bill for my time and know the process on how to do it. Should be about an hour for me to do it. ‘

You can use my scheduler link below to find a good time when I can remote in and help. Thanks!


Expertos de Microsoft Outlook

| April 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting Repairs

| April 29, 2016 | 0 Comments

Hi folks, below is a list of my Microsoft Outlook Troubleshooting Repair blogs ranked by keywords and Google. Bookmark this page and come back if you need the info!