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Office 365 Podcast

| May 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

Call That Girl's Office 365 ShowThank you for checking out Call That Girl’s Office 365 podcast show! If you are a computer technician wanting to learn more about Office 365, or just listen to shows about the technical stories Lisa has to share, this show is for you!

She covers weekly jobs she’s done, issues she’s come across, news and updates about Office 365, also has a topic of the week or a guest host.


Show #20 Click here to listen and download

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Technibble Meetup Chicago Aug 3-5 at CompTIA ChannelCon

| May 22, 2015 | 0 Comments

The Technibble Meetup will be held at the CompTIA ChannelCon event in downtown Chicago on Aug 3-5th. . Exact times for the meet up will be confirmed later.

Sign up and get your ticket now, book your flights and reserve your hotel room before all the discounted prices go up!

Details of the CompTIA ChannelCon and the Technibble Meetup

  • Technibble Meetup, come meet other members of Technibble and vendors -hosted and coordinated by Lisa aka Call That Girl
  • Bryce Whitty owner of Technibble who lives in Australia is coming, if you’ve ever wanted to meet him, now is your chance!
  • Happy Hour for the Technibble attendees
  • Podcasters meet up Meet your favorites, Matt Rainey, Matt Rodela, Mike Smith, Jeff Halash, Stephen McLaughlin (aka Door to Door Geek) and Lisa Hendrickson (aka Call That Girl)
  • Daily exhibition booths to meet vendors and solution providers
  • Key learning break-out sessions provided by CompTIA
  • Community events in smaller rooms
  • Networking breaks
  • Keynote speakers
  • Breakfast and Lunch Buffet Provided
  • Discounted hotel rooms for attendees
  • Free transportation from the airport to hotel


Have questions? Email

Fill out this form to get started, this first form is for us to collect your information…once submitted you will be directed to CompTIA’s ticket page.

Technibble Meetup

  • We are gathering phone numbers so we can text you at the event.


More Information about the ChannelCon

Helpful Links Event Homepage:

Registration Link:


Exhibitor List:


Facebook Event: _____________________________________________________________________________________

What is CompTIA ChannelCon?

  • ChannelCon, the premier training and partnering event for the IT channel, is coming to Chicago, August 3-5 at the Hilton Chicago on Michigan Avenue.
  • ChannelCon features the best cross-section of solution providers, vendors, distributors and media. Learn from each other and hear from the industry’s greatest thought-leaders.
  • ChannelCon features high-level executive panel discussions as well as intensive executive certificate training courses on the subjects most important to your business today. This is the big-tent event for the IT channel – the best cross-section of solution providers, vendors, distributors and media – giving attendees the chance to learn from each other and the industry’s greatest thought-leaders. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Hotel Information

The convention will be held at the Hilton Chicago on Michigan Avenue, and we’ve negotiated a special ChannelCon rate of $159 if you book by Monday, July 13, 2015. Book now.



Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook Expert Lake City & Red Wing MN Area

| May 7, 2015

If you are here looking for Microsoft Office 365 & Outlook Expert help, you came to the right place. Lisa and her team of top notch experts in all versions of Outlook and email can assist with all services, repairs and projects. We now support the Lake City & Red Wing MN Areas.

How can you get the fastest Microsoft Outlook Expert help?
Call That Girl at 612-865-4475


  • Are you searching for someone to quickly fix an Outlook problem? We can help!
  • Or maybe you have a lot of Outlook issues and need someone to figure them out?
  • Did you buy office 365 and not sure how it works or how to set it up?
  • Are you having difficulties with understanding what products to buy?
  • Are you an IT technician and need side help with Outlook or Office 365?

Did you know?

  • Even if you already have your own IT support company, you can hire us to just do this work
  • We are open nights and weekends
  • No contracts, no monthly fees
  • Same day appointments





What we can help with

General Outlook Repairs

  • Outlook Tune Ups
  • Quick fixes
  • Affordable solutions that help you be more efficient
  • Move PST files
  • Repairing fix OST files
  • iCloud issues

Office 365

  • IT Administration
  • Assist with users accounts, permissions and restrictions
  • Password reset, add new users, delete users
  • Setting up Microsoft Office 365
  • Configuring Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and OneNote

Synchronize your Outlook calendar and contacts to your iPad, iPhone, Android and contacts with the cloud products such as Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Exchange,, 3rd party apps.

  • 3rd party synchronization products
  • 3rd party apps for Gmail
  • iCloud transitional work & repairs
  • Gyschnit
  • CompanionLink
  • Synchronize Outlook info with your smartphone via iTunes
  • Icloud and iTunes synching problems
  • Hosted Exchange Assistance/Set up and Configuration


Software upgrades and transitions

  • Upgrades for Outlook 2013
  • Office 2013 installations
  • Moving to the cloud from POP/IMAP


  • Pop3/Pop/IMAP to Microsoft Exchange or Hosted Exchange
  • Google Gmail Transitions
  • Yahoo, Earthlink, AOL transitions to Company branded email (.com)

Outside consulting

  • IT departments who need overflow help with Outlook calls


To book an appointment, please call 612-865-4475 or email

GoDaddy Office 365 Reviews

| April 29, 2015

As an Outlook Expert, Exchange Migration Specialist and Office 365 Consultant, I get calls in often from clients who either want to use GoDaddy for Office 365, have already used them, or want to get out of a nightmare situation with them.

This blog was brought to life after I helped a client with quick 1 hour request. Her team needed a shared mailbox so everyone could use it for the conference room via computer, phone or tablet. Adding a mailbox seemed like a nifty little answer for this team of 12 (as you might not know, a shared public calendar cannot be viewed on a phone or tablet).

So all she needed was just one mailbox….I told her to call GoDaddy and get one more added to their account. The sales guy pushed Office 365 as they are trained to do, she refused and just asked for another mailbox. We waited an hour and the mailbox would not allow us to create it. I told client that the sales guy was probably upset that she wouldn’t go with Office 365 and didn’t do the request. I was right…she called back and not only did the person on the phone find he didn’t do it, but he DOWNGRADED her account! So that tech had to do a hustle and transfer my client to someone else to get their current mailboxes fixed!

I will review my experiences as a paid technician who calls GoDaddy for support since I started out in 2007.

Phone queue

Horrible mess when you call in. Music that can be stopped, but if you stop it….a lady comes on and talks every 30 seconds. So if you are in a conference call with a client, forget trying to talk to them…you can’t override the lady upselling you on making a statement on the web.

Outstanding first level support? Or not.

From my many years of supporting email, I have found the first level “sales people” at GoDaddy are somewhat technical, but are built more for sales. They do have basic tech training and some actually have more advanced skills to help, but finding those techs is very difficult. They are outstanding at upselling, but not supporting. Let’s say you call in with an IMAP mailbox that is not synching….they will have you log in the website browser and of course it syncs there, so they can’t help you anymore. If it works on the online browser, that is as far as they will go. Unless you beg and plead….and if you do it right, the tech might get a bit more technical. I have had to push these techs to put in a request for a mailbox refresh so the IMAP mailbox straightens itself out. This can be done, but you have to pretend you know what you are doing and just muscle your way past the first tech. The techs always have an upsell of some sort. The new one is “Office 365″ and we will discuss that a bit later in this blog.

Second Level Assistance

They don’t have “second level support,” or a supervisor for that matter, that you can ask for.  If you are not happy with the tech and their answers, you are better off hanging up and calling back and hope the next tech knows more than the first one or will at least help you get to the “secret” second level that is there…but again, not very helpful.

Office 365 and Control Panel

Not many of the first level techs know Office 365 very well and if you do buy Office 365 from GoDaddy, be prepared for a standard response if you have an Exchange issue, “You will need to call Microsoft for that.” I am hoping their first level techs know more by now, but the last time I called in for a client, it was a mess. Calling Microsoft is not a great solution when you are paying a company to manage and support your Office 365. Keep in mind that most techs like me, bill per hour….so If I have to call Microsoft for you, this could be a 4 hour call with many transfers to the right department and then again, HOPE you get a tech that can fix the issue. (This is why I have my clients use a top ranked Microsoft vendor for exchange!)

Another beef-aroo with GoDaddy is if you get Office 365 with them, you do not get access to the regular Office 365 control panel. You get some hi-jacked version that will make any IT administrator cry. It’s really an “Office 365 for Dummies” version. They don’t show you the exchange control panel, but you can get there by putting /ecp after your Office 365 login in the URL. I mean, is the control panel that scary they have to hide it from people?

But be assured, they are fast to sell you on Office 365 with their “credits” they will entice you with and half off the first year…no worries there folks! That half off deal could cause you hours and hours of headaches…especially if your email is on POP and you have a lot of iCloud/Gmail going on. You could choose to use a different vendor and then get a REFUND from GoDaddy on what you haven’t used since you paid. I think they still refund, yep.

Migration Assistant

Also, just a few more things…they will assist you with the migration of your data from your old email server (theirs) to the new Office 365 Exchange, but they will not do the aftercare, fine tuning of your Outlook, importing in your iCloud contacts and your Gmail calendar….and won’t offer much for assistance.

Now, maybe I am wrong with this article, maybe I’m right. Some might argue that GoDaddy is the best in the world. I used to think that too back in the day….way before the tears were falling from bad tech support calls I had to make for clients. Before I learned they didn’t have great 2nd level support and worse off, getting them to do anything outside of their basic knowledgebase.

If you are unsure of your product vendors for Office 365, my vendor has a 30 day trial, so if you’re unhappy or not satisfied…you don’t have an invoice until 30 days later. Call me to discuss your Office 365 needs, I have a no cost consultation.


Gmail calendar won’t synch with Outlook

| April 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

As a Microsoft Outlook Email Support Expert, I often get calls in about this Gmail calendar won’t synch with Outlook issue.

Since last summer, Google removed the free “Outlook synch tool” that used to be free. Now clients have to purchase an online software program to synch their Gmail calendars and contacts with their Outlook.

Usually I charge $89 to setup this program. If you want my help, please call 612-865-4475 or schedule time on my calendar.



Typical Issues My Outlook Clients Call in with

| April 29, 2015

outlook expert 2As a Microsoft Outlook Expert and Office 365 Consultant…this is just a short list of issues clients call in with….create your question and book time with Lisa here!


“I am migrating to a new PC. I have purchased office 365 personal. But, struggling to figure out a solution for hosting my email and calendar”


This client needed someone to do the actual migration of their domained email from their old platform (POP) to Exchange. This is a confusing marketing message from Microsoft Office 365, most clients need to hire a migration expert to assist and get it done right.

“I need help Syncing outlook 360 calendar with Gmail /Android phone”


This client needed full migration assistance to use Office 365 properly and remove the Gmail calendar as you don’t need to use a Gmail calendar with Office 365. The Android phone can be configured to use Exchange.

“I’ve implemented Office 365 for 2 users but I need to improve the configuration to optimize its use within my firm”


Many clients will do their own Microsoft Exchange migration using the Office 365 wizard, but don’t know how to configure their Outlook and phones afterward, this is what I call “Aftercare”.  Sometimes clients will also have a local IT tech do the actual record updating required to have Office 365/Exchange work, but they don’t setup the Outlook profile to work as needed nor do they train on the benefits of Exchange. I sell “Aftercare” package that gives clients the finishing touches and great customer service moving ahead.

“I have several questions related to Outlook, 2010 and 2007 versions and Office 365″


This is a very common question! Many clients have 2 computers, with different versions of Outlook and are struggling with email synching, calendars not synching and overall having data everywhere but in one place. For this client, I told him he could keep using Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010, but moving his domained email to Exchange (and skipping buying the full Office 365) was a great choice for him and his needs for his phone to synch as well.

“Looking for Office 365 and SharePoint set up and support”


This is far too common of a question! Usually my sales pitch is the same to each client, most all need Exchange (just one of the 6 products in the Office 365 package)…but SharePoint is where I really dig in for the questions to the client. If they already have a great file sharing program setup (maybe in house server, Dropbox, etc) then moving to SharePoint can be a confusing, time consuming and expensive move. I don’t feel SharePoint is right for the small business market at this point. It is clunky, integrats OneDrive (which is not for team sharing of documents) has issues synchronizing and is overall….just too dramatic. I don’t point my clients in the direction of SharePoint anymore, but rather Team Dropbox, Dropbox or File Locker (HIPAA compliant)

“I use MS Outlook, and when I added one and deleted another email account from Outlook, I messed something up. So now I am missing an email account that corresponds with a data file so I can’t remove the data file, so I can’t remove the old account.”


This was a simple 30 minute fix, I found the missing data files, configured Outlook correctly and helped user with a few Outlook tips to be more efficient.