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SuperMaxx Security System

| March 27, 2015

ctg supermaxx

powered by max remote management

Our remote managed computer monitoring includes

  • Daily reports of your system, failures to expect, attacks prevented
  • Best Anti-Virus prevention and detection
  • Website blocking software
  • Windows Updates and maintenance
  • Daily temp file deletion
  • Windows Service Monitoring
  • Over 100 other daily software updates
  • CryptoPrevent
  • sosHard drive space monitoring
  • Basic hardware monitoring

Our managed online backup includes

  • Daily alerts of success or failure

Our managed encryption includes

  • Daily alerts of success or failure
  • Emergency lock out help
  • CD burned and shipped if client is not near the internet
  • No fee support on the product
  • We can encrypt other devices and phones if need be
  • We can remove the product and encryption from our dashboard if they leave or are terminated.


Option #1 Lock Down –for the traveler or commuter  $525 every six months

  • Managed Encryption for your laptop or tablet
  • Remote managed computer monitoring
  • Online Daily Backup
  • 4 hour helpdesk support ticket to cover any premium services not included in the managed computer monitoring

Option #2 $275 every six months

  • Remote managed computer monitoring
  • 2 hour helpdesk support ticket to cover any premium services not included in the managed computer monitoring

Office 365 Tech Show and Podcast

| March 27, 2015

You can listen here

Show Notes
Basics of Office 365
Understanding* home vs business division
Pre 2013 Office 365 for Biz and Jan 2013 release onward (old version had limitations, feature differences, buggy backbone based on Exchange 2010, etc…. 2013 edition cleaned up the mess)

For business the differences between:
Downloadable Office 365 Pro Plus vs pure “Online Services” of 365 (email, Lync, SP, OneDrive, etc)
Exchange is about 80% of what you do; rest is everything else

Google apps vs office 365

Negatives with Google Apps: Outlook support poor (Apps Sync for Outlook –> junk);
HIPAA compliance depends on keeping all services active;
30GB of storage is shared between email/Drive/Google+;
Does not offer native email encryption (partnered with ZixCorp at $35/user/yr extra vs $2/month for 365 encryption);
Google Drive as a file server is very clunky, especially related to folder ownership (compared to SharePoint which separates folder ownership from user accounts);
No ala carte pricing or plans like 365;
No true alternative to 365’s Shared Mailboxes feature…. Google Groups simulates some mail aspects but not calendaring/contacts; Google Hangouts as conference tool is VERY buggy and not intuitive like Lync

Cases for Google Apps: Small user bases already entrenched with the “Google” world of Gmail; Young user base that hasn’t been exposed to Exchange/Outlook yet that doesn’t have high end needs

POP vs IMAP vs Exchange (pros, cons of each)

Hosted Exchange vs Office 365 — similarities, feature differences, price differences
Getting into 365 as a service
Links referenced during show 1: Google Apps 30GB Storage Limits:

Microsoft Outlook Tech Support

| March 27, 2015

Click here to email Lisa

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Call 612-865-4475

Same Day Appointments Available – No Contracts – Support Tickets

A bit about Lisa your Outlook Technician…

  • Lisa has over 18 years of supporting email in an educational and corporate environment. She has troubleshooted and reconfigured almost every platform of email programs out there including and not limited to all Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live. Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, Outlook 2011, Gmail, Google Apps and Exchange.

  • She has experience troubleshooting many 3rd party apps such as iCloud, iTunes, CompanionLink, Gsynchit, and Microsoft Exchange.

  • She understands technology and people. She understands how you are trying to get something to work and can’t figure it out, she can fix you and your issues.

  • Lisa comes from the fast and responsive helpdesk background of working for Honeywell, IBM, American Express and the Mayo Clinic, always exceeding expectations and drives that ethic with her own business Call That Girl. If you book a consult or an appointment with Lisa, expect excellence from start to finish. She is fast, responsive and will surprise you with her customer service skills and Outlook expertise. She understands all facets of Outlook and all messes you might have or be in!!!

  • Expect solutions, you may be headed down a road you should not be, Lisa will set you straight with solutions that will work for you.

  • Expect a friendship, Lisa treats every client as a friend. She has a reputation of building relationships and long term client relations.

  • You will not be treated as a number, you are a client and Lisa is a consultant.

  • Finally, Lisa is a configuration artist. Researching issues is not billable, she does not bill if you have an issue that is new to her, so that is free, yay!

 Notes from Lisa!


How to install Palm Pilot software on Windows 7 and Hotsync

| March 14, 2015

How to install Palm Pilot software on Windows 7 and HotsyncHow to install Palm Pilot software on Windows 7 and Hotsync

Lots of hub bub out there about Palm Pilot software not being available or found on HP’s site and while it’s true, I found some golden nuggets out there, I had to create my own game plan! My client and I found some good stuff on the net, but this is how we got his Palm Pilot Tungsten E back up and running on his new Windows 7 computer.

  1. First export the Palm Pilot data using the “export” feature, “File>Export” from the Palm Desktop software.
  2. Now I backed it up 2 different ways, using the .aba file and .csv (just in case). The .aba file should be larger than the .csv file. Be sure to get all the mapped fields too, or else you will be doing this again.
  3. Now to go to the Windows 7 computer and install the Palm Desktop software from here (My client had the Palm Tungsten e….so this was what he needed, you might need to fish around to find yours that matches up)
  4. Then after you have the Palm software installed, you need to install a driver from or this link might guide to you the software you need.
  5. Now remember where you saved that…
  6. Plug in the palm pilot, your computer will find it but not recognize the drivers.
  7. And now to go your device manager and find the palm pilot, go to the drivers area and “update drivers” and search for the area you installed the drivers from Aceeca above.
  8. After you install, you might need to restart computer.
  9. Import your database
  10. Insure data is in the Palm Desktop
  11. After restarting, then try a hot sync.
  12. This SHOULD be it folks! I had to figure this out for a client who got a new computer and come hell or high water, that old Palm was coming with!


Outlook Express transfer to Outlook in Windows 7 or 8

| March 14, 2015

outlook express best repair tool dbxIf you are using Outlook Express on a Windows 7 computer, you may have difficulty transferring your inbox, folders and address book without some help of Outlook. If you don’t know this, you cannot just transfer Outlook Express data to Outlook on Windows 7 or 8 without the help of more software. Using Outlook is the best idea, if you can get a copy of Outlook 2010 or lower on the Windows XP computer, you can import Outlook Express into Outlook in a PST file. Then you can transfer that file to Windows 7 or 8 and see the data just fine.

If you don’t have a copy of Outlook 2010 or lower, then you might have to install Windows Live Mail (via Windows Essentials) you can then import your Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail, then view it on Windows 7 or Windows 8 and then download to Outlook. Yeah, it’s kind of an email hot mess! I have had to do this before for clients, and it’s not easy. Usually a 2 hour job for a skilled Outlook technician. I’ll even go above and beyond to say that uploading everything to Windows Live Mail, you might even have to transfer those files to the new computer and import them, as it’s been awhile since I had to work on a job like this.

Now if you are backing up your computer now, be sure to back up the Outlook Express files for sure, if you know your Windows XP computer is starting to fail, call a technician now to get the files brought over to your new computer as it’s somewhat difficult to fix with a dead computer. If this is the case, a technician will have to get the Outlook Express files to another computer that can read the files and Outlook just cannot do that without it being imported in via Outlook directly on the computer or via Windows Live Mail. Thunderbird can maybe import them too.

Technically a challenge, this tech rates this job as “difficult”

Office 365 Londonderry NH

| March 14, 2015

If you are in the Londonderry NH area, and are looking for Office 365 support, I can only recommend they have fast and responsive technicians and can assist your team with Office 365 in Londonberry NH