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Gmail Outlook IMAP Problems

| February 23, 2015

gmail synching to outlookCall That Girl supports all Gmail, Google Apps and Outlook issues. I get calls in weekly about people having issues with their Outlook synching with their Google browser (not all folders match up) or synching issues in general. I can help fix those problems for you!

I do not do Google Apps migrations, only support for Outlook.

Typical Gmail/Outlook problems

  • Too much email. Clients sometimes have on the server 100,000 emails or more.
  • Many times Outlook will stop sending/receiving until mail is moved off the server.
  • Synchronizing certain folders does not stop
  • Email folders not in order
  • Outlook is very slow
  • Search does not work
  • Outlook and Gmail and iPhone does not synch anymore
  • You might need synching setup with your iPhone
  • Calendar synching does not work anymore and it used to
  • Gmail in Outlook has filters on it and email does not show up
  • There is no email in the inbox

If you need help with Gmail Outlook IMAP Problems, feel free to call me at 952-681-7969 or fill out the form below or schedule an appointment. Thanks!  

Comcast IMAP folders not matching with Outlook

| February 21, 2015

If you are out on Google trying to figure out why your Comcast IMAP folders in Outlook are not matching up (Outlook vs the browser or Outlook vs Outlook on 2 computers), I have an explanation and this might also help others not on Comcast with IMAP folder synching issues.

IMAP is an email system that holds a copy of your inbox and all folders on their server and it should download and synchronize between phones and other computers. It’s like a poor man’s exchange server without the calendar and contacts.

  • If your IMAP is not matching up and you are on Comcast, you can try this trick. Try cleaning up the folders on the server (browsers) and then creating a new email account in your Outlook. This should bring down a fresh IMAP copy.
  • If your IMAP is not matching up and you are on a paid server like GoDaddy, try the above trick and if that fails, then call GoDaddy or whoever is your provider and ask them to do a mailbox rebuild. It basically fixes corrupted IMAP. If your hosting company says they will not do that, then ask for a supervisor because this can be done.

If you would like my help with the Outlook work, feel free to call 952-681-7969 or fill out this form. Thanks!


FIX: The drive that contains your data file is out of disk space

| February 21, 2015

Microsoft Outlook error: the drive that contains your data file is out of disk space. Empty the deleted items folder or create space on the drive by removing some of your files. Access is denied. Verify the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not being used.

the drive that contains your data file is out of disk space

Just got a call about this error yesterday, as an Outlook Expert, I never know what type of Outlook call or fix is going to come my way! My Client was having issues sending an email, they got the error above. For this fix though, the hard drives were fine and not out of space. The PST files were not that large…So I did some troubleshooting and tested a new profile and it worked.

Simple fix, try a new profile. Do not delete the old one! You might need to reference back for data and it’s easier to export out.

If you need help with this, feel free to call me or fill out this form. Thanks!!


Microsoft Office 365 Consultant

| February 21, 2015

If you are out searching on Google for a Microsoft office365rightforyourbusinessOffice 365 Consultant, I may be able to help you. Most firms are looking for a consultant because some of the technical configurations are a bit too advanced for a regular end user. What might those be? Microsoft Exchange migrations is for a bit too much for some. As an email migration expert, many firms call on me to help just for the email migration. SharePoint can also need help from a technician.

Before we continue, when clients call me for help, I always do a full on interview to make sure they even need the full Office 365 package. Many only need 1 or 2 of the products and why buy it all when you need just  few?  To read my blog about this and see what your company needs click here.

If you have already bought Microsoft Office 365 and are not getting help from Microsoft… I can help. Or guide you to another firm who can. We all have our specialties!

To book a free consultation with me, call 952-681-7969 or fill out the form below. Thanks and I look forward to helping!

Microsoft Exchange Consultant

| February 18, 2015

If you are here seeking to hire a Microsoft Exchange Consultant, you came to the right place. Lisa the owner of Call That Girl is an Outlook Expert and Microsoft Exchange Migration Consultant.

Her specialties including assisting clients up to 12 team members, migrating the server records, backing up the current Outlook profile, setting up the new server in the current Outlook profile (So your settings all stay the same), fine tune your Outlook to be as exactly as it was, then closes with phone setup and a bit of Exchange training. You need to know your new product right?

Lisa has years of experience with migrating small companies. She does all of the work by hand and does not use migration tools. You and your company will have as seamless of a migration as you can get, there are always technical issues that can arise, but Lisa is also a technician and has a team of helpdesk techs if issues arise.

You are in good hands!

What if your team is larger than 12 people? Lisa has a referral for you, contact her at

How it works

  • We back up the email, calendar and contacts the day before the migration
  • Next day, we do the server records changes
  • Lisa gets right to work, remoting in and setting up the new accounts and getting your Outlook like it used to be.
  • Lisa will help with phone setup (Instructions are also sent prior to migration for those that will not be available)
  • Lisa offers Exchange training


  • $150 per mailbox
  • $150 admin/server fee
  • To be priced during consulting based on number of team members
  • $450 4 hour support ticket (optional)

Want more information about your migration? Check out my FAQ here!

Contact us today, Lisa offers a free 15 min consult. Call That Girl is a break/fix on demand support company. We do not write proposals, we offer the same service to every client and our prices are listed here. Call 952-681-7969 or fill out this form.



Sending’ reported error (0x80040201) : ‘Unknown Error 0x80040201′

| February 18, 2015

If you are a Gmail user that also uses Outlook to manage your email, then you may have seen this error

Sending’ reported error (0x80040201) : ‘Unknown Error 0x80040201′

(*or one like it) during a send/receive. It will either pop up or show up at the bottom of your Outlook.

As an Outlook Expert, I get calls about this error or one like it often. In a nutshell, your connection from Gmail to Outlook is broken (*even though it still might be working) and it’s saying “fix me!”.

So why are you getting it? Why is it broken? How did it break?

Could be a few reasons and I will explain.

If you setup your Gmail in Outlook many years ago, chances are that your email is not in synch with Gmail and you are hoarding 1000’s of emails (probably hiding in the All Mail or Important folders) and maybe went over the size limit or it’s just too much for Outlook to handle synching. What I do is create the client a test profile in Outlook and then get a fresh IMAP download (if the current Outlook is setup with IMAP as it probably is) and then let Outlook download a fresh IMAP copy. If I’m right and this is usually the case, you will see tons of email come down and it will show as “caching” or “fetching” and don’t be surprised to see 100,000 emails or more.

You could also need an upgrade to Outlook 2013, this might be necessary.

You  might need to fix your Gmail settings in your Outlook too.

Or it could be a mix of all 3.

Moving on..

After I download all the email to a new profile….then we move into the fun stuff, the sorting and removing email off the Gmail IMAP server. This is the only way to really clean up the Gmail server if you’re using Outlook, download it all, the move it (not copy) to another PST file.

I helped 2 clients today with issues like these. 1 client just needed a fresh IMAP download, the other unfortunately had over 120,000mails I have to move off the Gmail server.

The final question I will answer is this…why doesn’t Gmail on the browser have problem because the email is on their server, via the browser. It does not download to Outlook, so the problems are rare.

If you want help slaying this dragon, I have done helped clients many times over fixing errors, reworking their Outlook and moving out 100,000’s of thousands of emails off their Gmail to a local PST file.

To get help, call 952-681-7969 or fill out this form and I’ll be in touch, thanks!