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Gmail Outlook IMAP Not Synchronizing

| July 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

Please read this FAQ about how I work with Gmail and Outlook fixing IMAP synchronizing.

Usual issues

  • Email not syncing with server/other computers

  • Email missing

  • Errors when moving email from one folder to another

  • Drafts do not work

  • Inbox synchronizing at the bottom/never finishes

These calls typically come from folks who have years of emails in 100’s of folders. Many also have no idea how much email is on their server, so the first thing I do is a spot check of all of your Outlook files, folders, filters, mailbox folder size, OST size and then I work on a game plan to get this fixed and working again. I also will backup all email to a local PST and the contacts and calendars to CSV before performing work. This is how we end our first appointment usually.  Expect at least two appointments or more. Expect this to maybe take longer than a few days to repair.

Good news? I have fixed 100’s of these in the past few years, so I know how to fix it, but it might take time. I only bill for time on your computer and these are considered “Projects” so I only bill you for the time that we are doing something, usually this might be a 20 min call, next day 20 min call, etc. This is to be expected if you have 100’s of folders and a lot of email.

My fee is $169 per hour for these requests, average is two hours to get done. If you understand what I explained and want to continue to book the appointment, complete the agreement below. Thanks! ~ Lisa

How Do I Contact MalwareBytes

| July 13, 2017


To contact Malwarebytes, click here for their support forum.

While you bought your license from us, we can only help with the following issues

  • Transferring a license from one computer to another
  • Emailing you your license if you need it for putting in a support ticket with MalwareBytes, to
  • Sending you the new download of the product (that usually fixes the issues you might be experiencing)

Support tickets for MalwareBytes can be put in here



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Google Ranking Services

| July 1, 2017 | 0 Comments

Google has many ways to offer to get your website into your client’s searches. You can pay for ads and those work, but what about other options? Content in your website helps but if you’re not actively adding content, Google has nothing new to search. If you didn’t add your content in the right places on your site, you might not even be found. I am offering my Google Ranking Services so you can be found for your technical services in your town.

Marketing and advertising take time no matter what you opt to use to get your business out there. The good news about my services is that as long as Google and your website are in sync with content, the blogs I create for you should last even after buying the starter set. I created the 10 blog purchase so you can buy another set at a price that won’t break your budget and you get to choose the keywords and how often.








We’re sorry, but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly

| June 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

We’re sorry, but Word has run into an error that is preventing it from working correctly. Word will need to be closed as a result. Would you like us to repair now

If you get these type of error, might not be “exact”, Clicking on the repair does nothing. Closing will close without saving. I took notice that all of my Office 365 (Office 2016) programs were not logged in in the account settings area and the subscription (O365 Business build 1706 Build 8229.2045) was not up. It also stated I was running ‘Unlicensed”

I did try to do an online repair with Office 365, didn’t work. I tried the full repair, that didn’t work. I rebooted and my computer crashed. I had to do a system restore! Just an FYI, I’ve had some issues with my computer since last week’s updates. One day I had a complete freeze up and another day two freeze ups. Maybe time for a reinstall but for now…we troubleshoot! (For those curious, I rolled back to June 19th when I had a Windows Module Installer” update.

So after the sys restore, I still got that error. I searched online to see what others or MS had to say and what I found that worked was this:

  • I went to this directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

  • Right clicked on the programs that were getting this error (All of them for me)

  • Did the “Troubleshoot compatibility”

  • Selected “Troubleshoot program” and checked the bottom boxes for the next window “I don’t see my problem listed”

  • Next box, I had selected “Windows 8” as that is what other forums said to try

  • What display problems did you notice? I selected “I don’t see my problem listed”

  • And so far, so good. Errors gone and I can work again.

I hope that helps! If not, I would contact Microsoft about this issue. If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you get support for free.







Something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed

| June 17, 2017 | 1 Comment

Something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed

Update: July 10

Apparently this update KB3203467  has caused Outlook 2010 search to not index. Uninstall this update, reboot, you might need to index again. Link below for the Windows 7 update. You can also check the “Optional updates” for “2017 Monthly Rollup” that update should fix it as well. Read more here from MS.

Windows 10 should have rolled out the updated fix for you.

Now if the updates don’t work, and if you are on Office 365 or an Office product still supported by Microsoft, I recommend having them remote in and repair it. They often have little fixes that they don’t tell us about.

If you want to keep trying, below are some typical steps to repair search

Steps worth trying

  • Before doing anything check the Windows updates. See what has happened under the hood. Outlook 2010 had a massive dump, I think over 50 updates on June 13th. This is what I am seeing my 2010 clients having anyway. A restore would be a better option before doing the list below!

  • First be sure that Outlook indexing is at zero (0 items remaining to be indexed). If not at zero, then leave Outlook open until it reaches 0. This might take overnight to happen. If it slowly goes up (by 100 at a time), then there is still something wrong. It should go up quickly and then hit 100,000 or higher and then come down.

  • Start with a new creating a new profile to test. Do not delete the old one! Let all the email download from Exchange or IMAP and see if search works. This is the easiest fix, even though fixing up a new profile is not fun either, at least there is light at the end of the tunnel. Roll back if you can. One last thing I’ll mention, my text profile only had Exchange and it was said online that the PST files might be having the issue.

  • Also, worth testing is not adding in all the PST folders with this new profile test. The search should work with just one account. If you try to search “All Outlook Items” is when you might see the errors more. Happened to me, my test profile works great with just one account.

  • If these don’t work, check the indexing in the control panel. Outlook should be in the “included list”. You can try unchecking Outlook, that worked for one of my clients today. If the indexing looks ok, you can “rebuild” (advanced options). Oddly enough, the search might work after doing this, but the ugly “Something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed” shows up, not a good fix, but search works again.

  • Next, try the troubleshooter in the Index Settings. Worth a shot.

  • Then if those fail, “rebuild” this will take a long time if the computer has a lot of data. Put the computer in “never sleep” mode and it will finish faster, Needs to run over night usually.

  • Check the services.msc – be sure Window search is turned on and running. You can stop it and restart it.

  • Turn on search or indexing. Go to your “Programs and Features” and on the left side is “Turn Windows features on or off”.  I believe Windows 7 only has this, it’s not in my Windows 10.

  • This guy has a few tricks worth trying. I believe that this was an internet credit thing, many folks are now blogging about it. I’ll give him credit as he had many comments. Fix #1 and #3

  • Finally, Repair/Reinstall Office. –I almost never do this but you might have to.

  • Last, reinstall Windows. -I seriously hope no one has to do this.

Good luck Googlers!


Las Vegas SEO Expert

| June 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

If you are out looking to hire a Las Vegas SEO Expert, I might be able to help but only if you have WordPress setup for your website and are looking to have local SEO and searches for Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding communities. If you need local and have WordPress, I can help you with your SEO. Need proof that I’m a top SEO expert? Check my keywords below, proof is in the search! And these are international SEO searches, not local 🙂

I so live in Las Vegas, I have a home office and for my usual business I’m a Microsoft Outlook Expert and Office 365 Consultant. I support clients around the world with their day to day issues. As of late, I have decided to offer SEO services to the Las Vegas area.

The keywords listed below do not in any way match my domain, I rank high because I have been blogging for the past 8 years on the topics below. Google does praise you for giving content and once you are at that level, it rewards you. It does help to know some tactics, and I can help you with that.

I rank on Page 1 for the following keywords and some rank 1.

  • Outlook Expert

  • Office 365 Expert

  • Outlook Consultant

  • Office 365 Vendors

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  • OneNote Expert

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  • Microsoft Exchange Expert