Pricing for Microsoft Migration Expert Assistance

2 levels of services

  • VIP level $250 per mailbox, all inclusive
    • Survey to the owner about special configurations needed (calendar sharing, contact sharing, public calendar, etc)
    • Final quote to include special configurations if necessary
    • Accepted quote/forms will be sent to owner to distribute to the employees
    • Payment taken
    • Survey of all employees about their personal Outlook settings, configurations, phone, etc.
    • We will do the sales for the migration with AppRiver (sale will be billed to client at $4.95 per mailbox for exchange only)
    • We will review the survey forms and do any pre-migration work necessary (Software upgrades, repairs, etc)
    • Migration cutover date will be scheduled (best time is in the afternoon)
    • We will send a pre-migration email to the employees and owner with very simple instructions about the migration (how to access email the day of migration, phone setup, video links for training)
    • Day of migration,
    • My tech and I will have a list of employees to call and remote into and setup the new server in Outlook/do all the fine tuning needed.
    • Next day, I will be scheduled for aftercare in the afternoon. I ask all employees take the morning to find issues they have and create a small list, so I can fix things faster. I do schedule out my afternoon to take care of all the issues. I will take calls for emergency in the morning if there is one
  • Tech Assistant Migration + Aftercare help from us (a local tech is available to help on desktop level) 
    • We assist with the back end work of the migration, all administrative duties, configure migration wiz and manage the migration, send instructions to local tech. We will be available to assist the tech on the day of the migration & aftercare.
    • Outlook Training Video’s (see link here) for training if you are upgrading to Outlook 2013 or 2016. Group discounts available

Billable Extra Issue Examples, these are rare

  • Outlook software problems
  • Software licensing
  • Viruses
  • To be determined
  • 3rd party application issues (plug-ins, iCloud, etc)

Other optional services

  • Helpdesk Support
  • Training Videos (done by Lisa Hendrickson, the owner of Call That Girl)