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Call That Girl’s Guide to Remote Support $9.99

If you are finding very easy fixes are costing you time and money, offering remote support to your clients is the answer. Software does not usually require a store drop-off or a home visit.  Learn all of Lisa’s tips on how to offer faster and more efficient repairs.

What this guide offers…

  • Over 150 pages in two versions of the eBook

  • A step by step guide to setting up your business to have a successful remote support business

  • Tips and information on how to service your clients remotely

  • How to increase your daily sales with new services, prepay tickets and daily monitoring plans

  • Includes templates for email booking appointments, client & project agreement forms, terms and conditions, small business proposal, pricing guidelines and scheduling appointment forms.


Guide to Microsoft Exchange Migrations $9.99

Many break/fix techs are looking to learn how to do more Microsoft Exchange Migrations as requests are coming in more and more for Office 365 help. Exchange is the #1 product in the Office 365 Product line, if you don’t know it, you can’t support it!

What is included in this guide…

  • 22 page PDF

  • Step by step instructions on how to do a migration without tools with screenshots

  • Learning how to back up current mailboxes, calendars and contacts the correct way

  • Learn how to update the DNS for migration

  • Importing mail/calendars and contacts into new server

  • Aftercare lists

  • How to sell administrative & prepay support tickets’

  • Forms for you to copy and use for pre-migration company surveys employee surveys, pricing and aftercare.


Guide to SEO for WordPress $0

  • I no longer sell this eBook, soon I will be offering SEO for WordPress as a service for computer technical businesses. Email me to get on the wait list! lisa@callthatgirl.biz

Technician Support Tickets – 2 hours for $278

I help technicians almost daily now as they need my services just like regular end users. Outlook and Office 365 can be challenging, even for an experienced technician. I work with it everyday and that’s pretty much all I do so I have a bit more experience to tackle on the more difficult repairs. If you are exhausted searching online for Outlook and Office 365 answers to issues your clients are having, use my support ticket to help you in a pinch and save yourself time looking for answers.

What a 2 hour tech support ticket offers

  • Free Quick Email Questions ~ Fast response time!

  • Outlook and Office 365 assisted repairs via remote or billed in 15 minute increments phone

How I can help you

  • I can help you with the client, I remote in and guide you to the complete the repair

  • Your client can schedule time with me, this is helpful for you if  you don’t want to learn or don’t have time

  • You can hire me to help you with Office 365, email migrations and aftercare. Not all technicians want to get involved with Outlook and email related jobs. I offer assisted and non-assisted programs. I have other techs who can assist with larger scale migrations

  • Need other type of expert? I have many other experts in my referral circle so almost every need a client has is covered.

Outlook Troubleshooting Videos for Technicians $99

Created just for technicians! Outlook is a program that contains a lot of data, lots of moving parts and offers 100’s of features which are all guaranteed to break at some point. As well, it’s the program most used with the Office 365 Business Plans. These videos will train you how to properly prepare, repair and learn Outlook in a 360 view.

What you get

  • 7 videos

  • 4 hours of intense training ~each made in short videos so you can stop & practice

  • Access to Lisa’s private Facebook group