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Microsoft Office 365 Tips

| September 19, 2017 | 0 Comments

Microsoft Office 365 Tips

Hi Folks! I decided this past week to create a quick blog series about Microsoft Office 365 for end users and for new technicians to learn. The first blog is about tips on buying Office 365 (from who, how). The second blog is about what version to buy and the third is best support options. I also created a pricing page so you can get an idea how pricing can go for vendors, migrations, support. Of course I can help with my partners, but this blog series is intended for you to learn and make better decisions with your Office 365.







Tips on Microsoft Office 365 Support

| September 19, 2017 | 1 Comment

Tips on Microsoft Office 365 Support

Office 365 Microsoft vs Vendor vs Your Local Tech

Well folks, this ends my 3 part series of Office 365 tips. I’ll close with discussing support which is a very important part of your Office 365 experience.

So you want to buy, you read my tips and now you have to decide what to do. Buy from Microsoft directly? Go through a vendor or buy through your local computer tech (Me or your tech of choice).

Many folks get so excited about getting into O365, they buy direct from Microsoft and then learn some lessons right away. There are no instruction manuals on how to use the products and Microsoft will not migrate your email from your current email host to their Exchange product. They don’t have easy instructions to follow to setup OneDrive correctly or how to use SharePoint. Teams is pretty easy to figure out as well as Skype for Business, Bookings and other new add-ins, but the first three I mentioned usually requires help from an experienced technician. If you buy from Microsoft, you will have to use their support for everything if you don’t have a vendor or technician.

Now let’s say you are about to buy and decide to work with a bigger vendor on your own. They should handle the migration work and will help with first level work, but any detail work is not their sweet spot. This is when I start getting calls, when issues arise outside of their knowledge range.

If you have now decided to work with your local technician or myself, this is what you should expect. Experience and Managed Expectations.

Plus you are supporting someone who owns their own business, has pride in their work, usually answers calls quickly and you are their client, so you and should expect faster service and never have to call Microsoft yourself.

I am one of the local techs (*remote counts) and use AppRiver as my vendor. So I have 24×7 backup for my clients. When I set up a client with AppRiver, they pay Appriver, call them for basic first level needs and I help with the rest. I don’t have contracts but sell prepay tickets. Each local tech company will have their own setup, some might have a monthly managed service plan that includes support and some like me, might use another vendor. And there are some that work straight with Microsoft and you still should only work with the local tech company.

With so many ways to support Office 365, what is best option? Consider your budget before making any decision. While it may appear to be a bit more heavy on the budget to pay a smaller company, you usually get better support and customer service. Remember you get what you pay for and downtime can be costly for you.

Below is a link to check out my pricing for migration work and my Office 365 support. Feel free to compare with other companies while you are searching for your next support company.


Contact me if you want to discuss your Office 365!

GoDaddy Office 365 Help

| September 13, 2017 | 2 Comments

GoDaddy Office 365 Help

Hi Folks! I have created a series of GoDaddy Office 365 Help blogs for you to read and learn from. If you are a client, some of this will require help from a professional IT company, such as migrations or registry fixes. But for general information, all blogs are a good read.






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GoDaddy Office 365 Migration

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

GoDaddy Office 365 Migration

I was going to spend some time this evening doing a technical write up on job I did today, after I completed a GoDaddy Office 365 migration to my vendor AppRiver. But interestingly, I had a fellow technician email me about something totally different, I snooped on his blog and found this goldmine of a document!

He just blogged about this today, so the universe is talking here folks. After reading this, I have decided to work with Adam as my migration team. I have known him for many years and feel it’s time for me to get out of the migration work. Feel free to contact Adam if you and your team needs assistance. If you need help on a larger scale migration, 20 mailboxes or more, I have another referral for you. Contact me below for details.

End Users/Clients, this is not documentation for you to do your own migrations. This is for technicians who are looking for documentation on how to migrate from GoDaddy. Clients should always call a professional with experience to do email migrations. Most technicians sell Office 365 through Microsoft directly or use a vendor as I do, from AppRiver.

How does Call That Girl fit in this equation? I have years of experience doing migrations, but due to my Office 365 consulting and troubleshooting growing, I no longer am doing the “migration” work but am available for aftercare. Once Outlook is setup for employees, I can help with calendar and contact sharing, administrative duties, SharePoint setup, Teams, Bookings, etc. Anything else, free to contact me. I sell support tickets you can read about them here. https://callthatgirl.biz/pricing-expectations

With Adam’s permission, Here is the original blog link, https://www.itproiowa.com/godaddy-office-365-migration

GoDaddy Office 365 Migration Cutover to the real Office 365 instructions

GoDaddy Office 365 is quite limited compared to other vendors’ versions. Some of the limitations include a severely crippled admin panel, no provision for two-factor authentication, very little support from GoDaddy O365 support. They will refer you to Tier 1 Microsoft support which typically takes hours to work through issues.

Since these issues are not present with other vendors such as AppRiver, we strongly suggest you do not start with GoDaddy O365, however, if you do and are now running into these limitations we can migrate you to a vendor without limitations and amazing support.

If you would like to do the migration yourself, here is an overview of the process. It is very important that you understand completely before proceeding, otherwise, loss of mail may occur. If you have any questions call us for migration assistance at 319-227-7000.

A domain name (ex. domain.com) cannot exist on 2 different O365 accounts at the same time. It will need to be removed from the old O365 plan before being added to the new one. During this process, there is potential for mail loss if the domain doesn’t exist in either location. In order to avoid bounce backs and mail loss, we recommend mail flow be sent through a spam filter such as AppRiver’s SecureTide. SecureTide then has the ability to place mail on hold while the domain name is being moved.

With that in mind, below are the steps to follow. To be clear, when I use the term Source and Destination below, the source is the old subscription and the destination is the new subscription. If at any time you have questions, please give us a call!

Phase 1 – Setup

  1. Change your MX records to point to the spam filter (SecureTide). Mail will now flow to the Spam filter then back out to current/Source O365 subscription.
  2. Collect details on all the entities that live on the source O365 account and create them on the destination O365 account. (Users, Groups, Aliases, Contacts, Resources, Shared Mailboxes, Public Folders etc.). They will be created using the “.onmicrosoft.com” address.

Phase 2 – MigrationWiz

  1. Once that is done go to https://migrationwiz.bittitan.com and sign up for a free account and create a project. The users for source AND destination should be setup using the “.onmicrosoft.com” address, Not the domain.
  2. Once users are added to the project run a “Verify Credentials” pass to test credentials.
  3. Once all users show complete for verification run a “Pre-stage Migration”.
  4. At this point, you are waiting for the first pass to be done so you can do the cutover.

Phase 3 – Cutover

Warning: Removing and adding the domain can take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours in extreme circumstances.

  1. To begin, call AppRiver Support and ask to put the mail put on hold. Mail will now queue up in the Spam filter (SecureTide) and will no longer be delivered. (Later it will be released and delivered as expected.)
  2. Run a “Full Migration” pass in MigrationWiz. This is the last and final pass as no new mail will come into those old mailboxes.
  3. On the source, edit the users, groups, contacts, shared mailboxes, etc and switch the domain associated with it to the “.onmicrosoft.com” address. You cannot remove a domain if any of those are using it still.
  4. Remove the domain. You may have to call GoDaddy to remove the domain from their system. TIP: It’s recommended from an AppRiver sales engineer to just call GoDaddy and cancel the service vs remove the domain, you might have a easier time getting this done.
  5. Add and verify the domain in the new O365 Subscription via the “Domains” Section in O365 Admin center.
  6. Change all of the destination Users, Groups, Contacts, Shared mailboxes, etc back to using the “domain.com” address (instead of “.onmicrosoft.com”).
  7. From here you have two options for mail flow. Are you going to continue to use spam filtering? Or are you only using it for the mail hold during the migration process? (We strongly suggest keeping the SecureTide service).
    1. Keeping SecureTide – Call into support and have them take off the mail hold and release the mail to the new MX record. Have them confirm that the new O365 MX record matches the old one. It CAN change between subscriptions. If it doesn’t then they will have to update to the new MX in order to avoid mail loss.
    2. NOT keeping SecureTide –  Update your public MX record with the new O365 MX record. Then call support for them to release mail. Same considerations as above. Make sure the new MX record is correct before release.
  8. Setup the new profiles and mobile devices

Contact Adam and his team now at 319-227-7000 for your GoDaddy Office 365 migration needs.

Contact Lisa below for Outlook help, aftercare, training, helpdesk, etc.

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