Microsoft Outlook Expert & Email Specialists


Minnesota Based Microsoft Outlook E-Mail Help & Support for Minneapolis, St. Paul MN and national remote support. Fast and responsive Outlook assistance (repairs, new computer setup, fixing contact lists, iCloud & iTunes glitches, broken PST files, Outlook being slow, send/receive issues, whatever your issues are, we can help!



We also support

  • Hosted Exchange Transitions
  • Microsoft Office 365 Assistance
  • IT Administration
  • Training
  • Entourage, Mac Mail, Outlook 2011

Typical Outlook problems we see on a daily basis at Call That Girl….

  • “My Outlook won’t open!”
  • “My email will receive, but not send”.
  • “Nothing synchronizes and I’m frustrated”
  • “My Outlook will open, but I can’t access old files”
  • “My Outlook is slow and crashes often”
  • “Since I moved to Gmail, my Outlook is all messed up”

We hear that a lot here at Call That Girl. If you ever have that problem or have corrupted PST files, need help setting up Outlook, transition your email from Outlook POP/IMAP/web access to Microsoft Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010…. or have trouble sending and receiving in Outlook -Call That Girl! We have over 14 years experience troubleshooting just about every problem with Outlook.

Call That Girl Ron McCoy

Lisa Hendrickson the owner of Call That Girl is our Outlook expert will get your email running the way you want it without much effort on your end. Outlook support is typically done with remote service, so as long as you have internet connection, we can help you from anywhere in the world!

What we can help with any type of  Outlook problems
• Set up and configuration
• Backup and restorations
• Explaining how Outlook really works
• How to move from your Gmail to Outlook
• How to stop using free email programs for business
• How to export your contacts to load into social media networks
• How to export your LinkedIn contacts into outlook
• How to setup and use your Blackberry with Outlook
• Setting up rules for email (and following them!)
• Managing your email life much better
• How to manage more than one calendar (personal and business)
• Using Tasks and Notes
• Keeping more than one contacts list (for networking/emailing purposes)
• Moving from Outlook express to Outlook 2003/2007
• Calendar management
• Move from POP to IMAP or to Hosted Exchange (Synch your world!)