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Office 365 Podcast

| September 14, 2016 | 0 Comments

Call That Girl's Office 365 ShowHi! Thanks for checking out my Office 365 Podcast Page.

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Show with SuperTekBoy

Podcast Link https://callthatgirl.podbean.com/e/lisa-talks-to-gareth-aka-supertekboy-about-exchange-misc-online-info-and-tech-networking/

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Call That Girl’s Remote Support & Office 365 Show 25

| June 25, 2015 | 0 Comments

mousepadPublished date: 06/21/2015

Download at http://www.podnutz.com/ctg025

Show Notes

  • Guest speaker Carey Holzman builds his own computers, gaming computers, and specializes in hardware.
  • CompTIA
  • Office 365
    • Cloud-based Office software
      • Home – $99
      • Business
        • Six editions
          • Outlook comes with all products, but if you want to be able to efficiently use your email you may need to purchase Exchange, business class email, or formerly known as Hosted Exchange.
  • When do you move a client from Google to Outlook/Exchange?
    • When they are having a problem and it makes more sense for them to be on Exchange.
  • Office 365 is not a fit for everybody.
  • Consequences and limitations of the cheaper versions
  • Troubleshooting example
    • Five computers using the licensing for one subscription to a licensed product.
    • Someone found a computer by the dumpster and wanted someone to fix it so that they could use it–they never want to pay.
    • Updates can fix OR break a system.
  • Windows 10 Adware/Potentially Unwanted Products
  • If you do not know what you are doing, DO NOT DO IT. Take your time, learn it the right way. Ask Lisa!!
  • Interview your clients before recommending software:
    • What are you already using?
    • Does it work?
      • If yes, don’t mess with it!!
    • Plans for expansion?
    • Budget?
    • Don’t sell them the computer that YOU want: Sell them what they NEED and what is right for THEM.
  • Listen to the client’s needs; Fill those needs.
  • You don’t need to have all the answers, but you need to have the ability to find those answers. Takes knowing the right questions to ask, knowing the right people, or knowing where to look.
  • TeamViewer using Outlook–and antispyware… headache!



Call That Girl’s Remote Support & Office 365 Show 24

| June 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

mousepadPublished date: 06/14/2015 Mike Smith from MikeNation.Net

Download at http://www.podnutz.com/ctg024

Show Notes

  • Guest Mike Smith from the Mike Tech Show
  • CompTIA ChannelCon conference in Chicago, Illinois August 2nd-5th.
    • Mike will be attending!
    • Lisa will be attending!
      • Free promotion code.
  • Exchange Hosted servers
    • Manual setup vs auto-discovery
    • Implementing auto-discovery will make your life so much easier
      • A record put into the DNS record for auto-discover.
      • Will automatically configure Outlook, usernames, passwords, IP addresses, etc.  Will make your life SOOOO much better!!
    • Biggest hurdle about client’s DNS is in that they don’t have the usernames and passwords for where they registered their domain.
      • If they do not have the usernames and passwords for the domain, it is safe to say that they do not own the domain, and the technician then has to work together with the people who own that domain to configure the DNS records.
      • May have to prove ownership… Can be a hassle to do all the paperwork.
    • You must ALWAYS turn off the auto-discover on the local server or it will not work with the hosted exchange server.
      • It does not matter what you try to do to get this to work, local server will always win.
      • If you have two auto-discovers in the pool, one local, and one exchange, the local will always win.
    • True synchronization takes care of streamlining calendars, contacts, and email messages without a data limit with ActiveSync in Exchange.
  • Office 365 and Hosted Exchange  — Separate ideas, even though they are together.
    • Boxed product on the shelf should not be used by businesses. Is intended mostly for the home user.
    • Subscription model, home and student.
    • If you need to upgrade, just buy the license for the full subscription.
    • Encrypted emails and compliance issues.
      • Cannot send any emails over the Internet that contains personal information for risk of breaching compliance.
      • Toolbar option allows to send message encrypted.
        • Secure link.
  • When meeting with a client
    • Check their Internet speeds–Get them on good Internet connection with good speeds if they are not already.
    • Get a copy of their phone and Internet bills, contracts
      • Can we save them money by moving them to a cloud based phone system?
  • Managed IT vs Break/Fix
    • Higher hourly rates vs quarterly retainer rate
    • Difference between a contractor and a consultant is $125 an hour.

Call That Girl’s Remote Support & Office 365 Show 23

| June 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

mousepadPublished date: 06/08/2015 Rob Talks 365

Download at http://www.podnutz.com/ctg023

Show Notes

  • Work on one problem at a time, so that things do not get messed up and confused.
  • Always backup—gSyncit reminds you!
  • CompTIA ChannelCon convention in Chicago, Illinois. August 2nd-5th, 2015.
    • Big tech conference
    • Learning opportunities
    • Free lunch, breakfast, snacks at the vendor fair
    • Meet and greet with Podnutz and Technibble.
  • Microsoft Exchange Migrations
    • Done some through Logmeinrescue due to slow Internet connection
    • Backup data
  • Microsoft Azure
    • Cloud computing platform that allows for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. Using Azure, you can build websites using a number of different programming languages, host virtual machines that support both the Windows and Linux operating systems, and use cloud services (Wikipedia, 2015).
  • Windows 10
  • Link and Skype for Business
  • Archiving vs Backup
    • eDiscovery issues
  • Office 365 can change business
    • Can give you more services, features, and function… The push towards “the cloud”, and allows for mobility with business.
    • Software as a service.
      • You do not have to manage it as you can hire someone else to manage it for you.
      • No need for a physical server for the onsite deployment. It is all “in the cloud”.
        • AppRiver can do it, or so can some IT consultants.
  • Check eBooks for more information!

Call That Girl’s Remote Support & Office 365 Show 22

| June 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

mousepadPublished date: 06/05/2015 Marvin Bee Stops In

Download at http://www.podnutz.com/ctg022

Show Notes

  • Outlook and Office 365
  • CompTIA conference ChannelCon in Chicago, Illinois.
    • Who’s who of Podnutz.
  • Nightmare networking/sharing problems/Office 365 problems.
    • Cables fine
    • Switch ports were bad.
  • Microsoft Office Exchange Migration vs. Office 365 Backup and Restore
  • MSP vs Break/Fix
  • Have a checklist and use it before you start a migration [Refer to show #21 for that list] and ensure your subscription for your Microsoft product is valid, and documented in case of loss.
    • Protect the data!
    • Delete messages and folders you do not need…
      • Empty your trash… Empty your spam…   Get rid of stuff you do not use/need.
      • Allows for you to have more storage space and keeps things running quickly and efficiently.

Call That Girl’s Remote Support & Office 365 Show 21

| June 15, 2015 | 0 Comments

mousepadPublished date: 05/26/2015 Microsoft Exchange Migration Checklists

Download at http://www.podnutz.com/ctg021

Show Notes

  • Exchange to Exchange migrations
    • Export the PST file
    • Backup the calendars and contacts
    • DNS and server updates
    • Set up the profile
    • Import the PST
      • Should all be easy!
        • Password issues…
          • Can hold onto old passwords, and keep you from using the new passwords and new account..
          • Manual setup requires anonymous authentication, which you can only get from the Windows update.
        • 178 updates later…
          • Emails are missing… Closed before syncing was done. Oops!
        • Too many PST files, conflicting! Necessary to delete some.
  • AppRiver spam filter
  • Skype for Business
  • Checklists for migration work
    • Preferred method of contact
    • Data backup
    • Client agreement form
    • How many mailboxes will be migrated?
      • List all email addresses and full names
    • What version of Outlook are you using?
      • I don’t use Outlook
      • Phone only
      • Web access
      • Gmail
    • Provide a second email account for the account owner to have global admin for password resets, etc.
    • Are there any other computer issues that we need to be aware of?
      • Could advise a tuneup so the tech knows that everything is working correctly beforehand.
    • What is your current company email platform?
      • POP
      • IMAP
      • etc.
    • Manage expectations so that things run more smoothly and efficiently.  Get all of the information you need beforehand, so you can work with other schedules, etc.
      • What time zone are you in?
      • What version of Outlook are you using?
        • May need to do a tune-up on Outlook before…
      • What kind of smart phone are you using?
      • Do you work from an office, home, or both?
      • What’s a good phone number we can contact you at during the migration?
      • Are you currently experiencing any problems???
      • Do you feel overwhelmed with your email inbox?
        • Some people have a hoarding problem.
          • Hoarding help problem is common
      • You might lose your auto-complete!