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Please read this FAQ about how I work with Gmail and Outlook fixing IMAP synchronizing.

Usual issues

  • Email not syncing with server/other computers

  • Email missing

  • Errors when moving email from one folder to another

  • Drafts do not work

  • Inbox synchronizing at the bottom/never finishes

These calls typically come from folks who have years of emails in 100’s of folders. Many also have no idea how much email is on their server, so the first thing I do is a spot check of all of your Outlook files, folders, filters, mailbox folder size, OST size and then I work on a game plan to get this fixed and working again. I also will backup all email to a local PST and the contacts and calendars to CSV before performing work. This is how we end our first appointment usually. ¬†Expect at least two appointments or more. Expect this to maybe take longer than a few days to repair.

Good news? I have fixed 100’s of these in the past few years, so I know how to fix it, but it might take time. I only bill for time on your computer and these are considered “Projects” so I only bill you for the time that we are doing something, usually this might be a 20 min call, next day 20 min call, etc. This is to be expected if you have 100’s of folders and a lot of email.

My fee is $169 per hour for these requests, average is two hours to get done. If you understand what I explained and want to continue to book the appointment, complete the agreement below. Thanks! ~ Lisa

Client Agreement Form Gmail

  • If you are calling for business requests, please leave your business email. If you are a residential client, any email you use it fine.
    Call That Girl does not offer online backup services, but Lisa will backup any and all files if she feels it's necessary. Please have an external hard drive available.
  • Please put in this area any other information you would like us to know about for the appointment. Thank you!
  • If you have many computers just select everything you have. Reminder...Blue Outlook is 2013 and Outlook 2016 and Orange is Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003.


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