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GoDaddy Office 365 Problems

| September 10, 2017 | 2 Comments

GoDaddy Office 365 Problems

As an Outlook Expert, Exchange Migration Specialist and Office 365 Consultant, I get calls in often from clients who have signed up with GoDaddy Office 365 and now have many regrets, read my blog below for more information.

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In the past few months, I have slowly been creating a list of major issues with GoDaddy’s Office 365 Business accounts. Before you read this, please know that I contacted them and they told me that they are able to sell their products at a cheaper price but only because they offer LESS of the Office 365 product. Feel free to call and ask for yourself if you want to know. But be assured, they are fast to sell you on Office 365 with their “credits” they will entice you with and half off the first year or some other “3 year deal” That “deal” could cause you hours and hours of headaches. Or as you will read below, you need more than what they offer and you have to migrate off their Office 365 plans. Which might be costly and time consuming.

Here is the list of technical snags I have come across

  • Cannot have administrator rights, so extra’s from Office cannot probably be added. My client was trying to add an app and could not and now has to migrate to the “real” Office 365. Doing that migration on Monday Sep 11, 2017 and since it’s an Office 365 to Office 365 CSP, it’s a full shut down on GoDaddy’s side. I will have a document available for those that want a copy. Use my contact form below or check back on this blog later.

  • Issue with downloading and using the OneDrive/SharePoint sync software. I had to find a workaround to get it to work. GoDaddy confirmed client was not given the full version of Office 365 because GoDaddy offers such a great discount to users. So again, the half-baked version. If you want a copy of those files, check out my SharePoint blog https://callthatgirl.biz/godaddy-sharepoint-desktop-syncing-problems

  • Cannot use 2-step or MFA, only a password reset for security. Another client got phished last week and she called, confirmed again, the half-baked doesn’t offer that.

  • Cannot view the admin control panel with all the functionality we need as techs to support clients. The ECP is only available if you know how to get it to.

  • They will have you call Microsoft for some troubleshooting/other vendors typically cover all troubleshooting

  • When you need to reset an Office 365 password, be careful….it takes you out of your usual Office 365 and back to the GoDaddy portal and yep, you might just reset the wrong password! Happened to me already.


  1. Since many of these folks got free migrations inbound from GoDaddy, they should expect a charge for migrating off. Depending on your services, you should consider having an additional charge to cover all the extra time you will have involved as a technician. These migrations are not standard. My first one GoDaddy cut-over I did was,1 mbx I did 2 months ago was 6 hours of my time. Another tech in a Facebook group spend 10 hours on his 1 mbx and so far with my migration I have scheduled for Monday, I have almost 2+ hours involved and I haven’t even touched her computer yet. For those using Skykick, I have no idea how this is handled as it’s not a typical migration. Just a tip, the email will not be able to have mailbox to deliver mail to flow to while GoDaddy releases the domain from the current Office 365. There will be downtime. My vendor has a way to keep email flowing. This will all be in my document, remember to contact me for a copy (it’s still in progress).

  2. Clients just have to use the half-baked version and figure out workarounds.

Call me to discuss your Office 365 needs, I offer a no cost consultation.Be sure to check out my GoDaddy Office 365 migration to other CSP and Vendors Blog here! (Coming soon!)

Techs, here is a blog to help you learn how to migrate completely off GoDaddy Office 365 https://callthatgirl.biz/how-to-migrate-godaddy-office-365-to-csp-or-another-vendor/







GoDaddy Office 365 Reviews

| April 12, 2017

As an Outlook Expert, Exchange Migration Specialist and Office 365 Consultant, I get calls in often from clients who either want to use GoDaddy for Office 365, have already used them, or want to get out of a nightmare situation with them.

This blog was brought to life after I helped a client with quick 1 hour request. Her team needed a shared mailbox so everyone could use it for the conference room via computer, phone or tablet. Adding a mailbox seemed like a nifty little answer for this team of 12 (as you might not know, a shared public calendar cannot be viewed on a phone or tablet).

So all she needed was just one mailbox….I told her to call GoDaddy and get one more added to their account. The sales guy pushed Office 365 as they are trained to do, she refused and just asked for another mailbox. We waited an hour and the mailbox would not allow us to create it. I told client that the sales guy was probably upset that she wouldn’t go with Office 365 and didn’t do the request. I was right…she called back and not only did the person on the phone find he didn’t do it, but he DOWNGRADED her account! So that tech had to do a hustle and transfer my client to someone else to get their current mailboxes fixed!

I will review my experiences as a paid technician who calls GoDaddy for support since I started out in 2007.


Phone queue

Horrible mess when you call in. Music that can be stopped, but if you stop it….a lady comes on and talks every 30 seconds. So if you are in a conference call with a client, forget trying to talk to them…you can’t override the lady upselling you on making a statement on the web.

Outstanding first level support? Or not.

From my many years of supporting email, I have found the first level “sales people” at GoDaddy are somewhat technical, but are built more for sales. They do have basic tech training and some actually have more advanced skills to help, but finding those techs is very difficult. They are outstanding at upselling, but not supporting. Let’s say you call in with an IMAP mailbox that is not synching….they will have you log in the website browser and of course it syncs there, so they can’t help you anymore. If it works on the online browser, that is as far as they will go. Unless you beg and plead….and if you do it right, the tech might get a bit more technical. I have had to push these techs to put in a request for a mailbox refresh so the IMAP mailbox straightens itself out. This can be done, but you have to pretend you know what you are doing and just muscle your way past the first tech. The techs always have an upsell of some sort. The new one is “Office 365” and we will discuss that a bit later in this blog.

Second Level Assistance

They don’t have “second level support,” or a supervisor for that matter, that you can ask for.  If you are not happy with the tech and their answers, you are better off hanging up and calling back and hope the next tech knows more than the first one or will at least help you get to the “secret” second level that is there…but again, not very helpful.

Office 365 and Control Panel

Not many of the first level techs know Office 365 very well and if you do buy Office 365 from GoDaddy, be prepared for a standard response if you have an Exchange issue, “You will need to call Microsoft for that.” I am hoping their first level techs know more by now, but the last time I called in for a client, it was a mess. Calling Microsoft is not a great solution when you are paying a company to manage and support your Office 365. Keep in mind that most techs like me, bill per hour….so If I have to call Microsoft for you, this could be a 4 hour call with many transfers to the right department and then again, HOPE you get a tech that can fix the issue. (This is why I have my clients use a top ranked Microsoft vendor for exchange!)

Another beef-aroo with GoDaddy is if you get Office 365 with them, you do not get access to the regular Office 365 control panel. You get some hi-jacked version that will make any IT administrator cry. It’s really an “Office 365 for Dummies” version. They don’t show you the exchange control panel, but you can get there by putting /ecp after your Office 365 login in the URL. I mean, is the control panel that scary they have to hide it from people?

But be assured, they are fast to sell you on Office 365 with their “credits” they will entice you with and half off the first year…no worries there folks! That half off deal could cause you hours and hours of headaches…especially if your email is on POP and you have a lot of iCloud/Gmail going on. You could choose to use a different vendor and then get a REFUND from GoDaddy on what you haven’t used since you paid. I think they still refund, yep.

Migration Assistant

Also, just a few more things…they will assist you with the migration of your data from your old email server (theirs) to the new Office 365 Exchange, but they will not do the aftercare, fine tuning of your Outlook, importing in your iCloud contacts and your Gmail calendar….and won’t offer much for assistance.

Now, maybe I am wrong with this article, maybe I’m right. Some might argue that GoDaddy is the best in the world. I used to think that too back in the day….way before the tears were falling from bad tech support calls I had to make for clients. Before I learned they didn’t have great 2nd level support and worse off, getting them to do anything outside of their basic knowledgebase.

If you are unsure of your product vendors for Office 365, my vendor has a 30 day trial, so if you’re unhappy or not satisfied…you don’t have an invoice until 30 days later. Call me to discuss your Office 365 needs, I have a no cost consultation.

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