Comcast users should avoid installing Norton/Symantec

| February 12, 2010 | 45 Comments

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avoid norton 281x300 Comcast users should avoid installing Norton/Symantec

As most of the Minneapolis/St. Paul readers of this blog know, our choices of getting high speed internet are limited to pretty much 2 corporations in town. Comcast and Qwest.   As a residential computer repair tech, here is how I see the choices being made.

  • Home users with a phone/landline, have Qwest.
  • Home users without a phone/landline have Comcast.

According to my website statistics, in the past month out of almost 4000 visitors, 1800 are cable users 951 are DSL. This also includes visitors from around the world too, so it’s not just local stats, but interesting nonetheless.

Now, on to my latest Comcast rant. According to their press relase dated Jan 20th, 2010

  • Comcast Partners With Symantec to Offer Award-Winning Norton Security Suite to Its High-Speed Internet Customers
  • Norton Offers Superior Protection, Robust Family Safety Tools and Fast Scanning Speeds

Call That Girl has a problem with this press release. Norton/Symantec is far from “Award winning” in our computer repair shop. Norton/Symantec is one of the antivirus programs that I see in the shop BY FAR more than any other. Not only are they not catching the latest Malware viruses, but the program is so slow for some users, that they call us to figure out why it’s slow…only to have me SHOW them, their Norton/Symantec is killing their computer. Of a slow painful death. I also have to add, I call it far from ROBUST. Sure it has all the bells and whistles, but it doesn’t work.

  1. Pay us to remove it? Sure
  2. Remove it yourself? Great!
  3. Never install it? BEST CHOICE
  4. Install and purchase a Malwarebytes Anti Malware license? Most awesome choice! Click on the image below to get Malwarebytes with CTG’s anti-virus protection plan.
malwarebytes Comcast users should avoid installing Norton/Symantec
Am I saying that going with Comcast is wrong? No. I have Comcast and am ok with their products and prices, no complaints either on customer service from my past experiences. I am just blogging about how customers should avoid the trap of “free antivirus” from a company that has no business giving you something that will slow down THEIR INTERNET service. I just don’t get it.

Mind you, I also wasn’t a fan of the McAfee product they used to give away either, but if I had to make a choice of one over the other…I would probably chose McAfee.

To close, I will add that Qwest used to (not sure if they do now) offer Windows Live One Care, but they probably won’t be in the future, as it’s being discontinued.

Microsoft’s replacement product though is is quite nice. Read my blog a couple down for a review on that.


Microsoft Office 365 Consultant 2 Comcast users should avoid installing Norton/Symantec


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  1. Mike M says:

    Great advice, Norton is just a nightmare for most home users. McAfee is better, but the Microsoft SE is by far the best and I recommend to all of my customers, including my Mother-in-Law!!
    Thanks for your insights.

    • Salman says:

      Yes. The free norton from comcast is a virus itself! It froze my laptop and both computers at work, but they were old pc’s .

  2. DJ Particle says:

    Personally I avoid all the paid anti-virus services.

    Usually for Windows-based machines I recommend a trifecta of AVG Free (or Avast, equally good), Spybot Search & Destroy, and Spyware Blaster.

    For Macs, ClamXAV is good too (ClamXAV basically brings a Mac GUI to the ClamAV anti-virus suite for Unix-based PCs, of which Macs are a subset).

    • chialx says:

      DJ Particle, thanks for the advice on the 3 products. Had a problem with something called “Antivirus XP” that would not go away after doing a complete run of Comcast Mcafee and then the new Comcast Norton suite. Downloaded and installed Spybot ( had used it occasionally on a 2003 server ) and it cleaned the infection and some others. AVG also detected and cleaned 2 trojans. I also hear good things about Avast and Avira besides AVG, any suggestions?.

  3. Eike Heinze says:

    “That Girl” is bulls eye on the money! I wish I would see more such sound advice for home users.
    For five years now I am serving 99.9% home users and they are sooo grateful for me doing house calls only and trying to explain things in words and analogies they can understand!
    On my monthly local talk radio show (I am the computer guru) I openly advocate against Norton, McAfee and all the other “big” for money products; they don’t cut it any more. Microsoft Security Essentials came just at the right point in time when even the free versions of avast and AVG had grown into heavy workloads for almost any computer.
    Cheers Girl.

  4. Peter Gutierrez says:

    Comcast’s Norton Security Suite download has been a NIGHTMARE!. It slowed my PC to a crawl and froze it repeatedly requiring frequent turn-offs and restarts. Interesting , after spending three hours until nearly 2:00 am last night with the Norton Tech person she said the minimum PC requirements on the Comcast Norton download link were in error …the COMCAST page says 256 or 512 Ram was enough but she said several Gigs of Ram are needed..AND, that the version Comcast got from Norton did not yet have minimum requirements because it was too new ..a version beyond Norton 360 V3.0. After ten years of Comcast ( triple play custom @ $ 150.00/ month ) I am mad and frustrated. I ordered 3 gigs of RAM from Dell but ..What to do in the next five days till installation? Removal of Norton makes my PC speed a jack rabbit but no protection… leaving it on my speed is like a tortise … Comcast would not concede that their minimum posted requirements of 256 RAM might be wrong. Refused to communicate with the Norton tech and her Supv to confirm required RAM … and pointed me to the Geek Squad ( BEST BUY chain residential techs..with a customer satisfaction rating of 3.4 ) Comcast refused to advise me on what virus protection I could purchase at my own expense that would run on my PC ( Windows XP pro version 2002, service pack 3, Pentium 4, 2.8GHZ chip, 512 MB DDR SDRAM @ 400Mhz )and reasoned that I should not complain about the performance of “free” Norton software..absurd it is bundled in the service charge for their Broadband. Sorry Comcast service has eroded significantly since I began using their service…wait times and expertise of tech support. What is inarguable is that Comcast failed to do its due diligence and directed customers like me to drop McAfee and go with Norton when they FAILED TO perform simple tests to CONFIRM that their minimum PC requirements were wrong. As a result there must be thousands of customers who trusted their “norton” change over and now are dealing with SLOW PC’s that freeze up. The download Wizard failed and Norton Tech support got it installed remotely after three tries and my second service call ten days later repeated that problem. You would think that tech experts would just say , hey, NORTON WILL NOT RUN ON A PC WITH 256 RAM IN SPITE OF WHAT COMCAST PUBLISHES ON THE DOWNLOAD LINK ..which after 3 1/2 hours the Norton Tech person did conclude 256 or even 512 was not enough. The Norton tech was great in her effort to speed up my PC ( awaiting more RAM ) and reconfigured my PC to speed it up ( System Congig Utility ) which is generating windows at boot up that i don’t understand. Comcast is a disaster. And I will be in limbo until I recieve my 3 gigs of Ram and pay a tech person $ 90.00 and hour ( fair fee ) to fix these problems…I wish CALL THAT GIRL WAS AVAILABLE IN SACRAMENTO.

    The number of trouble shooting procedures for Norton slowing down one’s PC is suffient to demonstrate a very serious and growing pboblem.. The last Comcast Supv. I spoke with at 3:00am rrefused my suggestion to do testing with PC’s at minimum requirements and based on that ( certain ) outcome ( SLOW ) change the requirements, introduce a caution, reccommend another product or make McAfee available again for slower PC’s. I am not a techy …but I am a Organizational development Development Consultant and Comcast business practices are indefensible, You may post this with my name and location, Peter Gutierrez, Elk Grove CA, ( near sacramento )

    PS I hope more people read your comments and be advised to decline the new COMCAST NORTON download and save a lot of grief and exasperation. When this is done, i am dropping Comcast like a hot rock.

  5. Peter Gutierrez says:

    Follow-up and resolution — THANK YOU – CALL THAT GIRL AND Mike and Eike who posted above and suggested MS Security Essentials. I deinstalled Norton ( after learning I must be in safe mode ) and the install was quick and easy…. Thanks so much, my PC is fast again and I have protection too. Great Website with knowledgable contributors.

    Peter Gutierrez
    Elk Grove, CA

    PS as a non-technical manager guy who gave oversight to IT project teams even a IT neandrathal like me knows you test before you go live. So simple to test downloading Norton with a variety of PCs having marginal, minimal, and optimal requirements to see if it really works before subjecting customers to down time , service calls and frustration. Incompetent management, too, because such problems are forseeable and the consequential customer demands on tech support increases costs and dimishes the brand equity…not only Comcast but Norton too …imagine if the same lapse in testing was applied to autos or other products where safety is a factor … Not, efficient or smart and those added costs caused by a flawed new product introduction / process are added back to what consumers pay …to say nothing of weakening a brand, customer defection, reputation, loss of market share and ….agressive competitors using a powerful growth strategy, ” attack weak and vulnerable competitors to gain market share”. Comcast, IMO, illustrates a classic truism that well managed companies in early stages of development are customer centric …but over time even the good ones lose connectivity to their mission and purpose and begin to focus inwardly at the expense of the customer … sad but often true.

  6. Shane Fowler says:

    I think that Norton is the worst program I have ever seen. I have had experience off and on with it for as long as I can remember and it has always been a resource hog and let viruses in.

  7. Dr. Gonzo says:

    What a disaster. They send an email out telling you to switch to Norton. You follow the links and uninstall mcafee. Well, they don’t bother to warn you that it only works on certain operating systems. I have an old laptop and, being in a recession, I can’t buy a new one. However, I find this out after uninstalling mcafee. So now i have no security whatsoever. I understand that its virus def file would be out of date eventually, but at least i would have some protection. And, yes, the sys reqs are listed, if you look around. But the email says you have to switch and you follow the links and believe that they wouldn’t be so lackadaisical as to have you risk losing all your security. A simple pre-download warning saying: WARNING this software only works on XX operating systems. DO NOT UNINSTALL your current virus protection if have a different OS.
    See, not so difficult.
    I wonder how many people have just been screwed by this?

  8. Mike Carter says:

    Interesting. After having been AV free for some time now, I recently decided to try the Comcast / Norton product on my two PCs (networked) because of a BSOD problem I’ve been having. As fast as I installed it, performed a comprehensive scan to determine I was virus free, I uninstalled it. On one of the systems it brought me back to the likes of dial up speeds. I then googled Comcast Norton Slow computers …and happy to say I was brought to this blog. I’ve now tried McAfee, AVG and Norton but haven’t seen any that don’t slow the system significantly. Mean while I’ll just keep being careful, back up frequently and take my chances…a little dangerous I know, but at least the frustration is kept to a minimum.

  9. deb says:

    well i am in the same boat and must say im so pissed off right now i could rip my hair out…one month ago after the Av i bought with my computer expired i really could not afford to buy more so i let it go all the sudden a couple weeeks later i started getting the live PC and xp internet security opo ups…since again in this economy and being out of work and using the internet tio make money i decided to get the comcast free AV which of cousre was not free because i in fact had to get norton to remove my viruses…ok fine i paid the $99. everything was fine well not fine slower crashing could not use firefox anymore and today low and behold again the same shit! i have no choice at the moment but to repay the fee am waiting on the vss guy at this very moment to remove the virus hwy did it not protect me from this shit again…i have been on live chat and help with norton for like three hours now the last guy uninstalled what AV software ws there i have these pop ups popping up every minuite or so and still i went ahead and paid the FRICKIN $100 again that i do not have to fix this problem…i can not go buy other software i can not drive nor afford it that is all the money i have until deposits for up[coming jobs come through…i can not believe that this only worked for a frickin month i am sooo angry and was in tears shortl;y ago HELP

  10. deb says:

    this sucks so bad i dont know what to do

  11. I am a frequent reader of your articles and just wanted to let you know you that I really like your blog.

  12. Barry says:

    Comcast…! Norton…boo! Downloaded Norton as “new” security suite as Comcast recommended. Norton deleted my MacAfee files, loaded, did a quick scan. Wonderful…right? WRONG! Couldn’t get back on the web. Spent at least 8 hours talking to Norton in India and Phillipines; Comcast in Canada, Florida and Wisconsin all to no avail. Comcast tech came by today and say “gee, you don’t have a LAN…..well duh! I can restore and get on the web but ” butt naked”. MacAfee files are now impeached …..I think due to Norton download and MacAfee deletion program. Last Comcast “tech” I spoke to suggested I use another AntiVirus program. I invested in Avast. Even it downloaded and couldn’t get me on the web.

    My computer is now at the shop. The folks there said that Comcast/Norton alliance is causing massive problems according to all the bloggers.

    My warning: just remove MacAfee and purchase outside AntiVirus/Internet Security. Avoid the hassles.

    I do recommend Avast. World wide programmers that are on top of things. Also will NOT slow your computer down.

    You can get a really good deal on multiple licenses for multiple years. Got 3 years on 3 computers for $127.

    Spread the word; inform all your contacts not to follow Comcast’s instruction to switch from MacAfee to the free Norton program.
    IT’S A DUD

  14. Jimbo says:

    This article i so true. I installed Norton, at Comcasts request and now I cannot access any of my accounts that require a password. Not to mention the SLOWNESS

  15. "L" says:

    I am having massive problems with this NORTON.

  16. "L" says:

    After atempting to download it crashed on downing the drives. Called a tech and was told to restart after my pc rebooted, I couldn’t get online, go into my emails, my comp, control panel etc. The tech took norton off but i was still left with problems. My pc is at the shop now. I never had any problems with this pc before my question to comcast & norton is why now. Niether could or would answer.

  17. callthatgirl says:

    I’m removing Norton Symantec for the third time today! What a piece of junk….all computers are at a deadstop.

  18. Wah says:

    I had problems for years with Norton. Switched to McAfee and noticed a remarkable difference. Norton is such a resource eater. This is a dissapointing and possibly the reason I have been looking for to switch to U-Verse.

  19. c anderson says:

    The switch from McAfee to Norton has been a disaster. Two hours with tech support today and no good result. My system would reboot at random intervals at any time a fairly memory heavy application is running.

    I suspect a memory problem is at the core of this – a leak or major pointer issue in the application.

    Finally just had to remove it.

    McAfee is a resource pig (both memory and CPU cycles) but at least it didn’t destabilize my machine.

  20. Bill says:

    The change from McAfee to Symantec has been a total nightmare. Never had any problem on any of my computers with McAfee but after installing Symantec lost internet connectivity on one computer, continued hangs and freezes on another, and so on. Literally spent most of yesterday with Comcast Symantec tech support with their remote connections via Logmein trying to fix things and still there are problems. I am in the process today of taking Symantec off all the computers and going back to paid McAfee which was totally trouble free for years. This brings back all the bad memories from the distant past when I tried Symantec/Norton Security software before.

  21. Bill says:

    The change from McAfee to Symantec has been a total nightmare. Never had any problem on any of my computers with McAfee but after installing Symantec lost internet connectivity on one computer, continued hangs and freezes on another, and so on. Literally spent most of yesterday with Comcast Symantec tech support with their remote connections via Logmein trying to fix things and still there are problems. This brings back all the bad memories from the distant past when I tried Symantec/Norton Security software before.

  22. Len says:

    I agree with you 100%. I just switched over and the last week has been an absolute nightmare. After reading some other remarks, perhaps I don’t have the necessary minimum RAM.

  23. Kasey says:

    Strange. I have been running Norton 2010 for almost 4 months now and it is the smoothest AV I have ever used, 1000x better than AVG. It runs scans in the background WHILE I am using the internet and I cannot even tell the difference. Not once has my computer tripped up or experienced any issues from this product. I do know that some of the previous versions of Norton were not so kind to computers but the kinks have been worked out with 2010, which has had some great reviews and is definitely my personal recommendation to folks who are looking for solid virus protection ect…

  24. Jocelyn says:

    Not that one more witness is needed, but I still feel compelled to report that our PC was dragged down considerably with Comcast’s McAfee. Then, I installed the new Norton option. I suggested to my husband that he have The New Yorker on hand so he’d have reading material while the computer struggles to get his homepage up and running. Truly, it’s unacceptable. Further, my husband’s new part time job since we reluctantly bought into the package deal from Comcast last August has been to deal with the unending complexities of all the boxes & remotes & their complicated relationships with our TV’s! And now, the internet service is pitiful compared to our old Clearwire service. Sigh. I’m going to check on the Microsoft security product and continue putting out the unending Comcast fires with which we now cohabit.

  25. waytron says:

    I would normally agree in that I stopped using all Norton products back in 2004 because they slowed down or ruined almost every machine I ran across. I was not a ig fan of McAfee either. But, I decided to give Norton a try this year when the 2010 version was released and I have had great luck with it. The product was completely revised and it installs and uninstalls in a few minutes as compaired to taking for ever in the past. It seems real light on resources too. I have installed the Free version from Comcast on about 50 clients computers now and have had ZERO problems…HUM? I have not experienced any of the problems I am reading about here? I still have about 200 clients on AVG, 50 or so still on McAfee, 30 on Avast and I currently have been testing the Free Microsoft Security Essentials on 20 or so others and have been very pleased with the results so far. I will have to keep an eye out on the New Norton before I continue to recommend it. Many of the problems here may be due to McAfee not getting uninstalled properly or the computer was already infected. I would suggest that you uninstall McAfee first and then download the McAfee removal tool and run that too, then reboot the computer run a full scan with malwarebytes just to make sure that it is clean and then install the Comcast Norton.

    • ricardo maxwell says:

      Russ, I feel the same as you, except my Toshiba Satellite laptop (Vista, 1 gb) was destroyed immediately after rebooting after the McAfee removal and Norton install. Comcast is useless and needs a class action lawsuit to wake them up. Norton is is evil and incompetent and their tech support in the Phillipines is less than useless. They also need a lawsuit for what they have done to innocent trusting people with Comcast’s help. I am now trying to recover files and then I will install Linux. ef Comcast ef Norton!

  26. Russ says:

    Who can tell me what recourse I have?

    I wish I had read this blog prior to switching to Comcast’s Norton but I didn’t and I am paying dearly. I installed the Norton product on my primary computer which is bad enough because I am experiencing the problems others here are reporting.

    The big mistake was when we tried to install it on our laptop. We went through several sessions with Norton’s remote tech support finally resulting in a completely nonfunctioning machine. The techs deleted numerous files trying to speed up the computer enough to allow the product to install. Now I can’t do anything with my laptop and of course neither Norton nor Comcast is willing to address the issue from the standpoint of my grievance. Comcast is wanting me to do a work-around to get the thing installed and the Norton tech told me to call back to speak with his supervisor. This was day two and supposedly I was working with supervisory personnel already, I should have taken my queue from the tech the previous day who told me she had exhausted her knowledge and recommended I schedule with her supervisor.

    • ricardo maxwell says:

      Sorry this got posted in the wrong place because of the reply button being so close to the wrong post!
      May 30, 2010 at 6:07 am
      Russ, I feel the same as you, except my Toshiba Satellite laptop (Vista, 1 gb) was destroyed immediately after rebooting after the McAfee removal and Norton install. Comcast is useless and needs a class action lawsuit to wake them up. Norton is is evil and incompetent and their tech support in the Phillipines is less than useless. They also need a lawsuit for what they have done to innocent trusting people with Comcast’s help. I am now trying to recover files and then I will install Linux. ef Comcast ef Norton!

  27. Lois says:

    I installed Norton 360 because of the Comcast promotion and my laptop completely tanked. It ran slow for a few days until it would no longer boot up. Do not click the link imbedded in an e-mail from Comcast. Better yet, this “free” program is not free if you then have to replace your PC that was running ok on the McAfee product. When I replaced my PC I chose a much better rated security product. Norton is rated no. 18 according to Best Buy.

  28. Dave says:

    Hint – The new Norton-Comcast install works if you Remove ALL your other Norton programs from your machine. Here’s my story:

    I did the McAfee->Norton changeover last night. What a pain-in-the-a$$:
    The auto-process went through the mcafee removal process fine…
    Norton installed fine… or so I thought…
    Machine was dog-slow. system process took up 100% of cpu… First, Norton complained that it couldn’t reach the internet (though my browser window was fine), then it said I had a corrupt host file… I rebooted (maybe 3x) and same thing – and Norton complained that it couldn’t Activate.

    I looked through some help files and it said to download and run a Norton Removal Tool which removes ALL my Norton installed programs.
    I ran this and it removed (with my okay) ALL my Norton programs, including programs like Ghost v9 (that I use for disk cloning).

    Once the Norton programs were removed, it told me to redo the Comcast-Norton download/install process. After download/install/reboot activation worked, update worked and things looked fine. No cpu hogging, etc… I will see how it does now.

  29. Seymour Zwick says:

    I had installed Comcast Security Suite. All was fine until I started to get the dreaded BSOD with code 0×00000050 caused by ex64.sys a Norton file. I just uninstalled it on advice of Norton tech support to see if the problem comes back. I thought it was a great program until now

  30. Harv says:

    I just removed the Norton Security Suite offered free by Comcast, and installed the free Microsoft Security Essentials. I ‘upgraded’ from Mcafee about 4 months ago and since then my Outlook, MS office, IE, and computer in general has slowed to a crawl, has locked up occasionally, and when using left click in explorer the system hung up due to error dumps and Dr Watson.. Norton seems to use a lot of resources, CPU, Physical Mem and VMem. I’ve tweaked many of the settings, turned off what the program allows me the change. I’ve turned off many of the context handlers in shell view to correct the left click issues which did not help. I ran McAfee removal tool with no performance changes. Removing Norton with the Symantic removal tool solved all the aforementioned problems and got me back to where I was prior to Comcast’s Mcafee and Norton . I, like many, have an older puter with limited resources and I can’t afford to upgrade at this time. Comcast needs to get on board if they are going to offer these products.

  31. John says:

    Norton is terrible and now Comcast has dropped McAfee support. Norton has a background scan that you cannot easily turn off (you could with McAfee) and when you finally figure out how to turn it off, it somehow gets turned on again (probably when updating).

    Norton background scanning is also stupid. It doesn’t look to see when the last scan was performed and it will run one again. I performed a full system scan at 9 AM hoping to avoid Norton bringing my computer to a crawl with its background scan. At 11 AM the same day, good ‘ol Norton fired up its background scan.

    Comcast is truly stupid for moving to Norton. They didn’t do their homework.

  32. George says:

    I just lost two P.C.s to the Comcast/Norton switchover debacle. Why are they not legally accountable for the massive damage they are inflicting on customers?

  33. John says:

    Norton/Symantec sux!! Their security suite – which I downloaded at the behest of Comcast – made mincemeat out of my desktop immediately after downloading/installing it – endless lockups and restarts, snail-slow processing, etc. I spoke to three different Norton “tech support” reps who were clueless. By the way, do not let them “take over” your computer with their remote-service program. I made the mistake of doing this with the first Norton rep, and in the process of trying to fix the problems, he deleted two expensive programs from my computer (claiming they were incompatible with the security suite). Then two subsequent reps denied that this had happened. Symantec is truly an incompetent, dishonest company. I ended up going back to Comcast and getting a credit to my account for the value of the programs. My sense in dealing with Comcast is that the Norton switch (from McAfee) has been a disaster for them. I ended up deleting all traces of Norton from my ‘puter and installed Avast….and I haven’t had a single problem since.

  34. Doug says:

    The problem isnt with norton. I had to take my machine to a local tech. The problem was McAfee was leaving threats on the machine and as soon as you install another AV over the top of active threats you get issues. AV should be used as deterants and not removal tools.

    The problem is sooo many people out there assume that just because they can install a program on their PC automatically makes them a friggin genius on the subject. WAKE UP.

    It’s not smart to install ANY AV on top of running threats period.

    Not to mention with the recent kernel vulnerabilities out that NO AV CAN STOP, who are you going to attack next?

    My local tech was telling me that most of the most of the people that were having issues were still on XP SP2. SP2 ffs?!?!? So you’re running a swiss cheese version of the OS and youre wondering why threats are just walking into your system? really?

    Most know what Im talking about. all others need to shut hole.

    One person even installs microfucks AV to help him?!?!? Yeah theres a great idea. The whole reason we have viruses is because Microsoft can’t make a stable OS in the first place. So excellent idea. Trust the makers of an OS full of holes to help keep you protected against viruses. Bravo in fact!

    Wake up people. Know what youre talking about before you spout off a bunch of shit just because youre scared and dont really know who to blame. Again, NO AV is 100% effective. Its coming down to user stupidity. Im not saying that Norton is the bees-knees but I’m positive I know enough on the subject to not point the blame on the product thats trying to pick up threats that other AV’s left behind.

    • Doug says:

      btw, nothing against the owner of this page. you do a great job but all these stories from other people all add up to one thing, they had a threat that norton was trying take care of and the machines didnt like that.

  35. Larry says:

    I use XP on a dell, performance speed down 1/3rd. I called Comcast and e mailed them that if they want to lose customers this is the way to do it. I recently stopped using norton took it off on a compaq with windows 98 and installed AV, it’ like new again.

  36. Ray says:

    Another victim of comcast norton. my computer just SUCKS now. slow, speakers don’t work (wtf)cant shut it down unless I force it, generic host .32 has errors . 4 hours with the non english speaking idiots. I dumped norton and have no protection now and my computer is still a dog. What should I do ?

  37. Kevin says:

    O.K. without a dought I can relate to the victims
    WTF!!! and OMFG!!! feelings about the Norton software
    thru Comcast. My desktop…getting ancient anyways…
    has just a gig of ram and of course runs like a snail now. However, my work laptop has 3 gig ram and my wifes
    HP laptop has 3 gig ram as well and the effects on speed has been very minimal. Congrats on our “FREE”
    ulcer and/or migraine headaches in the name of virus
    protection! Looking for a good uninstaller program?
    I recommend REVO Uninstaller. It saved my sanity when
    dealing with Quicktime/Itunes issues.

  38. Gina says:

    It’s a nightmare for me as well. I uninstalled my current version of norton as a tech advised me ( which was working wonderffully). Now I can’t insall this free version and have no Internet protection. Lesson, nothing is free. So it’s like paying forninternet service u can’t use. Pisses me off.

  39. John says:

    Loved “Doug’s” a-hole post from 7/14/10. No doubt a douchebag Symantec employee or sales rep. What a jerk – telling everyone who’s having problems with the defectikve, idiot Norton virus program that don’t know what they’re doing. Douchebag Doug is one of those guys you just hate being around cause he’s always telling everyone else how much more he knows about everything than they do.

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