Tools You Need to Start Your Computer Repair Business

| August 12, 2017

 Tools You Need to Start Your Computer Repair Business

Welcome to Call That Girl’s Guide to starting a computer repair and support business blog series. If you found a blog out of order, you can start with the first blog by clicking here How to start a computer repair business. Each blog will lead you to the next one until you reach the final blog.

In this series I will give tips, examples and information about how to start a computer repair business that I learned on my own initially and then later on through the help of online technical resources & friends.

I will also offer advice on what type of computer repair business to start, business and legal information, remote support, products and services you can sell, tools your computer repair business might need, a guide to pricing, a list of resources, and marketing advice. 

When you first start out with your ideas for a computer repair business, you might already have some tools, heck you might be already doing computer repair “on the side” and have a full tool kit. Since I am talking about four different scenarios for support: Onsite, store/shop, office or only remote…creating a tool list is a bit tough, but I will do my best.


  1. Hardware – This will be determined by the types of hardware you support – basic tools of course are necessary. If you support hardware, you already know what you need (I hope); if not, you can discuss this topic on (I am not a hardware tech and only can recommend talking to others).
  2. Software – I keep a “software kit” of all my software tools in Dropbox. Back when I was onsite and had techs, we kept a good list on Dropbox, then saved to USB drives to use in our shops and on the road. All virus removal software of course is needed, all of your tune up tools, Windows repair disks, Winsock utilities, drivers, etc.
  3. Remote support software – If you are going to be doing remote support, you will need to do testing on products you will want to use. Matt Rodela did a great review of many products and voted for his remote support software of choice. To read that article, click here.
  4. Forms – You will need forms for your clients and also forms for your business for general use. Technibbles’ Business Kit is the perfect “everything” kit, I highly recommend you check it out – you can review it here
  5. Ticketing – There are many ticketing programs out there to review and try. When I first started out, though, I didn’t even know ticketing systems existed, so I just used an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my jobs. I also kept track of the marketing in the spreadsheet, “How people found me.” In 2010, once I hired employees, I had to move to a ticketing system, because I had 2 stores to support. (Honestly, I still keep and use that original Excel spreadsheet!). Currently I use Mhelpdesk for all my ticketing, invoicing and client data tracking. If you want to check it out for 14 days, click here.

Other products I support

Repair Tech Solutions, TechSuite is a comprehensive repair toolkit that allows you to automate and streamline your repair process, so you can stay focused on growing your business. To test and trial, use “Callthatgirl” as your code.

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Call That Girl’s eBooks and Training Videos

Welcome to my eBooks and Videos sales page. Below you will find everything I sell and support as well as some free information at the bottom.

Lisa’s eBooks, all 5 eBooks $39

The Remote Support Guide (Best seller!)

  • A step by step guide to setting up your business to have a successful remote support business
  • Tips and information on how to service your clients remotely
  • How to increase your daily sales with new services, prepay tickets and daily monitoring plans
  • Includes templates for email booking appointments, client & project agreement forms, terms and conditions, small business proposal, pricing guidelines and scheduling appointment forms.

The Manual of Operations 

  • This is an old document but many still like using it for a template
  • 40 page Word document
  • Delivered as a Microsoft Word Template, easy for “cut and pasting” your business name into the document
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Employee conditions for employment
  • Job descriptions
  • Human Resources policies
  • Much more…

The Social Media Guide 

  • 29 page workbook style (outdated but have valuable info!)
  • Great tips and tricks that I learned the hard way
  • Easy to understand steps on how to push out social media messages
  • Newsletters, blogging and WordPress information
  • Toolkit information you will need and other things you will need to use social media
  • A social media to do list
  • How to do a social media blast

The Guide to Microsoft Exchange Migrations 

  • 22 page PDF
  • Step by step instructions on how to do a migration without tools with screenshots
  • Learning how to back up current mailboxes, calendars and contacts
  • Learn how to update the DNS for migration
  • Importing mail/calendars and contacts into new server
  • Aftercare lists
  • How to sell administrative support tickets

How to Start a Computer Repair Business 

  • Get all the free blogs in a 48 page PDF
  • Conversational Style Guide


Created just for technicians! Outlook is a program that contains a lot of data, lots of moving parts and offers 100’s of features which are all guaranteed to break at some point. As well, it’s the program most used with the Office 365 Business Plans. These videos will train you how to properly prepare, repair and learn Outlook in a 360 view.

What you get with your purchase

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